Council Bluffs, Iowa
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So I am a consumer as well as a past local business owner. I have worked at Walmart super center down in grand island years ago, so I knowingly called at the near end of night stocks shift change to.

Ask a manger to simple set aside 20box's so I could use them to move. I called and sat on hold 20min no response so I hung up and called back same male kid answered the phone n put me on hold for 7min came back mixed me up with another caller then put me on hold again for 13 min then came back seeming confused as to why he couldn't find management, and said he would put me on hold then hung up I called back 3times in a row with no answer the final attempt a woman answers the phone I inquire aboutgetting boxes Kamdien needing to speek with management cause at this point I'm getting annoyed as well as not getting any answers she then yells to a manger with me on the phone ad asks me to call back later they had no box's and refuses to provide me corporate number.As a part tim Secret Shopper IV done drop ins on other stores as well as yours in the past and I truely think drug testing as well as a customer service class needs to happen at your store #1965 cause this experience was rediculas and could of been avoided. I am and will never promote Walmart in a possirive manner again. Anyone who knows business ethic knows that one customer unhappy telling there friends and so on in so forth will get the message and effect your sales bottom line.

I know I have a huge network as a business owner and a local person in the community I have 1400 friends on Facebook alone and even more on other pages as well as people I know on personal levels and I will make it my mission to complain and let everyone know to not ever deal with council bluffs walmarts. So above avaragly upset as well as a much largef contact base then the average consumer so take the 1400 I know times 10 people on avarage that they know to hear the complaint of how poor you run things over there and emage how that will effect your bottom line. You guys truely need not have the poor management and below avarage customer support let alone terrible human relations you have I'd suggest you look into why its so terrible. An make accomidations accordingly.

Thank you for the worst customer service. Have a blessed day, God blesa

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Calling them kids when your spelling and grammar is horrible, how sad and pathetic. I am sure a fourth grader can write a review with better spelling and grammar than you.


Why the f.uck do you think you're entitled to boxes? Stop bothering businesses for boxes..

I'd rather they get burned! They are Walmarts!

Oh and I'm sure you'll run right over to get them! J.ackass!


Management was probably busy helping the PAYING customers inside the store.


If you were as unintelligible on your phone call, as your written complaint, it's understandable that you got no results.

Try asking for boxes in the produce section of a supermarket, next time.


So, your on a consumer website to complain that Walmart would not GIVE YOU 20 FREE boxes? Wow.

Go to U-haul and pay $2 a box. Or if you really want the boxes for free get off your butt and down to the store and ask them in person.

But you want Walmart to set aside 20 boxes so you can go to the store and pick them up all for free. Just wow.


It's good to know you have 1400 friends on Facebook, thank you for sharing. Maybe you should ask them for boxes or just buy them like you're supposed to instead of trying to get free stuff?

Also, customer service classes are great and all, but for you I would seriously consider looking into a spelling class.

Have a nice day.