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his all started Thrusday when I attempted to buy some Uncle Bens Rice. I went to your website and selected the item, I wanted to pick it up but the website would not permit me to order it.

So I went into the store to see customer service. After waiting in line for 15 minutes, the supervisor told me that they could not place the order for me but it would have to be done on-line. I explained the nature of the problem I was encountering and handed him my cellphone. He was unable to place the order either.

He said that the only way the order could be place was o speak to someone at He gave me the telephone number and I waited through 4 separate menus before reaching someone in customer service. That person was unable to help me ant tranferred me to another individual to whom I was finally able to place my order. She said it was after 3 PM

but the item would be available for pick-up on Saturday.

Relying on her information I headed into the store. I drove up to the grocery delivery area and called the number on the sign. They told me they had no record of my order. I had to go into the store and then walk over to a special desk and that person checked my order but told me that even though it showed delivery on Saturday, they had no Saturday deliveries of groceries.

I was beyond frustration at this point and all I got was a number to call

It took me 21 minutes to get through to a supervisor. After going through the entire problem that I was experiencing she appologized for MY confusion, she did not own the problem and asked if I were near a computer so that I could place another order for delivery. I told her I expected Walmart to resolve this problem, the only thing she could do was cancel my order. I simply asked if she would put the order out for delivery since it had been their lack of clarity and lack of training of their store employees that had caused this problem.

She said that all she could do was cancel my order and then place a new order and that there would be a delivery charge added on. She did not have the authority to place the order with no delivery charge.

I am an experienced mystery shopper with over 1500 shops and I must say that this is the worst shopping experience that I have ever encountered. The staff was helpful in the store but were not trained in how to solve a problem. They did not own the problem and blamed the system.

When the system failed the client they blamed the client on his confusion. Then they would not solve the problem only to suggest that I order it again and see if the delivery charge was waived. This entire fiasco to over 4 hours 2 visits to the store and 55 minutes on the phone and the best they could suggest is I call back again to make sure that the fee for delivery was waived. For the record, if I do not recieve a responsible corporate response in the next 48 hours I will desiminate my experience through every social media outlet.

You cannot treat customers with such disrespect and not enable anyone on the front line to solve the problem. What started out as a splinter is now a fully infected involved dissatified client.

After submitting that complaint, I received a form letter asking me to fill out customer service satisfaction form. They did not even take the time to read the explicit

email I took the time to send in.

Since that robo response, I have received two more emails suggesting that I call in a let them know details about my issues. This company has no customer service and until things are addressed corporately the customer will bear the brunt of this disfunction company.

Walmart Pros: Good prices and a wide selection of products.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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Why on earth would you spend 4 hours and 55 minutes trying to purchase rice? Seems like you would be money ahead buying from another store that had it in stock or another on-line source.