Greeneville, Tennessee
Not resolved

I am NOT happy with the "new" on line shopping!!

Why they changed it, I have no idea. The site is MUCH harder to navigate!

Not people friendly at all! I know of others that feel the same way!

Several times I tried to get on a a certain item, I get sites to Kmart, Target, JCPenny's. Too many to list! Screwed up a good thing I think.

I can't drive so I use the Internet to shop.

Now I can't shop with Walmart without getting so frustrated & give up!

Reason of review: Walmart's on line web-site.

Preferred solution: PLEASE go back to the way it used to be, to be able to use on line ordering!.

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I've shopped online at WM for years. Except for 1, have had a good experience.

You don't say what has changed or what difficulty specifically your having.

If you post it here as a reply, perhaps someone can help.

Amazon is a great place, and, they have excellent return policy.

Just remember to purchase only if fulfilled by Amazon. Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon is even better.


You really shouldn't be shopping online at anyway. Try first.

If you shop alot on line then join Amazon Prime and the shipping is two days and free. Plus, their site is easy to navigate and if there is ever a problem, their customer service is much, much better than Walmart.