Catskill, New York

Once again there was an ad on line and once again the merchandise was not in the store. The ad was in the circular and I proceeded to go to the store only to find no merchandise.

This is so annoying. I never shopped in Walmart as a rule when I lived on Long Island. Now that I live in the town of Catskill I'm so limited to shopping. Now I realize I will travel further to avoid a Walmart.

The missing merchandise I was seeking was Frozen beach towel.

Please cut the *** already. I'm done, and very angry

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Not only are quantities limited in general, but there is a shortage of Frozen merchandise everywhere. Even Disney has set small quantities that people can buy from them directly, and you expect Walmart to not sell out?


Things sell out and not all locations get everything in the flyer. It should say something to the effect of: items not available at all locations or limited to area availability or even while supplies last.