Mississauga, Ontario

I was at heartland Walmart when I got into line at express. There were maybe 4 people in front of me. There was one cashier, and another girl who wasn't wearing a vest, I assumed she was a csm as she told the cashier she is going somewhere. The cashier was going very fast until she stopped to do a MasterCard application which was SO unprofessional.

I said "excuse me, can you call for more cashiers?". She looked at me and said she's sorry but she cannot do that, and I was like "what, you can't call your manager and ASK FOR MORE CASHIERS".

just then the csm came back and said "you haven't even been in line for more than a minute, and your next, what's your problem?" I told her to call a manager because that is so unprofessional. She picked up the phone and paged for someone.

Then she looked at my cart and told me I have more than 12 items and I need to go to the regular checkouts. I told her that I will pay here and I will report both csm and cashier to a manager. Then this manager came, she asked what the problem is. I began to explain it when the csm said "she has like 30 items and she came to express". The manager told me to leave and I started to put the stuff on the cashiers counter and she was scanning it (ignoring me the whole time).

The csm and manager were talking and then the manager walked over and said to the cashier "don't serve this customer" and she cancelled the transaction. She threw all my things back in my cart and told me I will have to go to the regular checkouts like everyone else.

I told her that I want to talk to the store manager, and she was like "I'm done with you" and she took my cart and pushed it behind the customer service desk. I went to the customer service desk and asked for a manager when the customers in the lineup behind me started screaming at me for cutting.

I tried to explain the situation to them when two undercover security guards came and escorted me out. I tried to get back in but the greeter called them so I left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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You are no CSM, look at this child's behavior. Getting into an express line with 20 items because she cannot count.

Cutting in lie and then throwing a temper tantrum when given dirty looks.


it not only happens at wal mart, it goes on at other stores as well.iv seen people do it with out thinking of the other people in line.i asked a cashier I think at publix one day. they told me the store rule is, not to turn away any customer.


at my walmart in williamsburg, va they will be gone in a heartbeat.


This is Angie Grace Mason from the Wal-Mart 0663 Athens, Tn. Angie knows that you have to take them through even thou they have more than 20 items or less.

You can't turn them away if they have more items than the thing says. Thanks for working at Wal-Mart!

Angie Grace Mason


Really y'all CRAZY *** customers come in walmart like the world is yours. U knew u had more than the required items for express.

Then you are going to complain abt the next customer transactions. Hand clap to management for


I have worked for Walmart 10 yrs and I used to be a CSM and it's not the store itself that doesn't plan enough cashiers! Home office tells EVERY store how many ppl to schedule!

It's not right or fair and nobody should be treated like you were. However, as an employee, it's very hard to keep your composure when you have customers screaming in your face calling you everyone nasty thing under the sun, put yourself in that CSM's shoes, they deal with EVERY customer that comes through that front end. I also would have reported it like you did, but customers need to realize not everyone that works in the store can run register, yes they have other things they were hired for.

As an employee, we are not your mothers and yet we have to clean our depts and then customers distroy it make a mess in front of you and have no reguard for it or you! Self are not the answer ppl....you get angry with the cashier when you mess up on it


I'm sorry you had to go through this. I'm a cashier for Walmart myself and I know how upset customers get when they're aren't enough registers open. But for the CSM and Manager to do what they did to you, that's very unprofessional.


I live in cornelius oregon and i have the same problem there is a lot of. People and there will only 1 or 2 cashers i dont understand why dont they put in the self check outs like winco has or cosco ,fred meyer,and safeway has that would be so much better instead of waiting in line for 30 min its rediculous


Customers should remember . That our job is very hard and if the cashier was with another customer giving her customer service , it would be rude to interrupt that transaction .

The economy is not doing well. there for help is short I am sure if walmart had more cashiers they would be there. On the other hand we never want to see ours customers upset and yes your right it could have been handled differently Walmart I am sure will handle this and as an employee not at that store but the one in saint petersburg florida 5218 I do apologize for the embarrassment .

And if you come to my store I am sure this wouldn't happen WE dont want to lose our customers and there are some people just like in any other job that dont take pride in what they do. But as a walmart employee for 10 years I have to say that most of US do take PRIDE in our jobs


I work for Sam's Club and the way things are done there and at Walmart are messed up at times, BUT CSM's and others are going by company policy, SO when customer's complain it is NOT our fault we are just following rules, it gets really aggravating when customer's complain or mouth off about something they know nothing about, it makes us look like we are not doing our job when in reality again just going by company policies. SO next time you have a complaint by all means PLEASE call corporate and complain about how they run there stores because we don't like it either.

The are run very unorganized and unprofessional. It has nothing to do about the workers not liking to work or we don't care about customers, ITS THE COMPANIES FAULT, THEY RUN IT LIKE ***, TRUST ME! And as far as the register girl taking the customer for a credit card, WE ARE TOLD TO DO THAT AND AGAIN WE ARE DOING OUR JOBS. I just had a customer say to me "Next time I am in your line and you stop to ask and promote a credit card or the Plus membership, I will call corporate and complain about you".

I said, "GREAT call, than they will know I am doing my job". It is a priority to ask for credits and plus membership and if you don't, you get fired.

SO AGAIN, take it up with corporate, don't complain to a low paid worker who has sleep depravation from working crazy hours all week, it is beyond our control.


Oh my but this is not a surprise wal mart has gone down hill since sam has passed, even the employees are not happy they have a big turn over in employees and its a we don't care about anything but sales, its really sad that wal mart has slipped to this level


If you think the customers behavior, cutting in line, going with 30 items in an express lane is acceptable than people's morals have also gone downhill.


Feel free to shop elsewhere. I love Wal-Mart and like all other big box stores with really good prices you might have to wait in a line.

If all of you that claim to have bad experiences or hate Wal-Mart taking over your neighborhood would shop elsewhere I wouldn't have to wait in those lines. Go away!!


No one believes your story except you. Please let us know where you work, we would love to come into your place of employment and act as badly as you do in ours.


I am sure that you were just like a lot of our customers, no one exists except you !! I get so tired of people like you.

I am sure that the cashier, csm,and Manager did not treat you this way ! In my store the Management team goes above and beyond to make customers happy even if they are wrong.

Maybe you should just check yourself. If you want someone to bow and scrape for you maybe you should shop at a high end store and pay for the extra attention that you will be sure to pay for !!


I think you are the one with the issue, obviously you think you are above the rules. Why would you think it is ok for you to bring XXplus items if the sign clearly states X items or less?

Part of the cashiers job is to ask the customer if they would like to apply for a Walmart credit card.


Find this hard to believe, never have been treated that badly at any Walmart. But if I did....it would be the very last time I shopped at that store!


if you are going to cut in line, like the OP claimed to and go to an express line with 30 items that is not bad treatment, as a matter of fact if they allowed her in the express line I would be complaining about this.


Ha you are right, perhaps that is why she was treated badly, because she behaved badly. However still the manager there bend over backwards to please the customer, even if they are in the wrong.

I have seen them embarrass employees just to keep the customer happy. I just skimmed over the review, and when I thought she had more than 12 items I thought she had 13 or 14. Most stores allow customers with a few more items to still check out. I reread it and apparently she had 30.

I also did not read the whole review including the part where she cut in front of other people. I am reading the other replies here and I agree she is either a troll making fun of other customers or a self entitled six year old brat.


I don't believe this story for one thing I work for walmart I have never seen treatment like that towards a customer if anything Walmart bends over backward to place there customers I have been with Walmart for 9 year's