Mississauga, Ontario

I was at heartland Walmart when I got into line at express. There were maybe 4 people in front of me. There was one cashier, and another girl who wasn't wearing a vest, I assumed she was a csm as she told the cashier she is going somewhere. The cashier was going very fast until she stopped to do a MasterCard application which was SO unprofessional.

I said "excuse me, can you call for more cashiers?". She looked at me and said she's sorry but she cannot do that, and I was like "what, you can't call your manager and ASK FOR MORE CASHIERS".

just then the csm came back and said "you haven't even been in line for more than a minute, and your next, what's your problem?" I told her to call a manager because that is so unprofessional. She picked up the phone and paged for someone.

Then she looked at my cart and told me I have more than 12 items and I need to go to the regular checkouts. I told her that I will pay here and I will report both csm and cashier to a manager. Then this manager came, she asked what the problem is. I began to explain it when the csm said "she has like 30 items and she came to express". The manager told me to leave and I started to put the stuff on the cashiers counter and she was scanning it (ignoring me the whole time).

The csm and manager were talking and then the manager walked over and said to the cashier "don't serve this customer" and she cancelled the transaction. She threw all my things back in my cart and told me I will have to go to the regular checkouts like everyone else.

I told her that I want to talk to the store manager, and she was like "I'm done with you" and she took my cart and pushed it behind the customer service desk. I went to the customer service desk and asked for a manager when the customers in the lineup behind me started screaming at me for cutting.

I tried to explain the situation to them when two undercover security guards came and escorted me out. I tried to get back in but the greeter called them so I left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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First Born Triplet
@pasta sides

It all depends on the manager, some manager would kick the customer out of the store, while others would allow customers to abuse employees, this one customer was harassing a disabled employee, she was calling her names, making comments about how she likes to beat up "retards" and angry that the employee was hired and she could not get a job there, our father told her off though because the manager allowed this person to continue shopping, in the store, the customer denied calling the employee names even though she did it in front of the manager and when the other employed said it did happen she swore at him. But to keep the sale for $20 the manager allowed the customer to abuse the employee.

Well our dad gave the name of the manager and told them about the situation to home office, so if your manager is allowing customers to abuse you verbally just pretend to be a concerned customer and complain about the manager. Only in your case don't tell them you work there, just pretend to be a customer who witnessed the abuse and the manager bending over to please the customer.

@First Born Triplet

I know that's to be true. Because it happens in the Wal-Mart I work at and I hate it.

Its like Wal-Mart do not care about the employees its all about making the customers happy and to heck with the employees. Have they ever thought that a happy employee = good customer service!!!!


I have never seen such spoiled customers as the ones that shop at Walmart.....Why do some people think that they are prone from waiting in line? If you go anywhere else, you will have to wait in line point blank.

Can anyone explain to me how this cashier was being unprofessional by assisting this customer with a credit card application? It Is obvious that you think this is your world...get over yourself suga.

You said yourself she was moving fast until the customer wanted to apply for a credit card, if it was you that wanted to apply that would have been ok because you are so selfish....and knowbody or nothing else matters...I pray you give your life to God and he deliver you from your self motivated ways...in Jesus name.. let all that want god to help this lost sheep say Amen

First Born Triplet
@Wait Your Turn

Um you guys are being trolled, well she is making a parody about Walmart Customers, most likely written by an employee of Walmart who had to deal with a customer like the one she parodied. (only exgarrated a bit)


You lie!


Ihate it when people go to the express line with too many items.


Exactly, and I also hate people who call someone who is old enough to work a girl when they behave like a six year old.


I know good girl or smart girl or when they call a grown man boy I hate it... I have in my mind if some call me girl besides my friends im going to call them girl back.

I don't care how old they are.

Then they would see I feel and if they go and complain that I call them girl or that was unprofessional then I will tell the manager that my name tag do not say girl. And if they say I was wrong then im going to ask why do have to wear a name tags if is ok for them to call me what they want.


I have worked at the store on behrman hwy in new Orleans. We always have customers that come in the 20 items or less line with more than that.

I hate when my csm put me on express and so do plenty others. We are told to not turn anyone down.

I'm so frustrated because more and more people are doing this because they know they can get away with it. I have gotten written up for turning a customer away.


sounds like you are the unprofessional one and no patience. You think it's easy handling customers all day long standing on a concrete floor?

Next time you have to wait in line at a register, why don't you give the cashier a little encouraging word!

She is working for under 10$ an hour and probably doing her best to raise children. Sounds like you need to do your shopping online!


Thank you Maggie


i totally agree with u, a kind word goes a long way, im always courteous & customer friendly but they hardly respond back with a ''thank you''!!


I can't believe that... as a cashier I love when nice customers come to my line.

I treat them with good service from the time I say hello to the time I say have a good day.

But when the ones that come in my line and I greet them and they do greet me back. I say it again because they probably did not hear me and they still dont speak at the end of their transaction if they says thank you I might say it back or I just give them their receipt and move on to the next customer.


This sounds fake. It is 10 items or less in express, not 12.

You were rude to the cashier, and you didn't bother to read the sign posted on the express lane.

Yes, there does need to be more cashiers working. Have you considered though, being polite gets you further than being a b@#&%/.

First Born Triplet

it is 10, 12 depends on the location. In some departments where they have their own cash it is five or less of non department items, and ten or less if you are buying from the department.


This review is from Canada, in most Canadian stores the express is 12 or less.


at my store, its 20 items or less, i usually have to work passed my shift, even with the light off & my close sign up, they still keep coming & then get mad at me for not waiting on them, i am encouraged not to work passed my time, i feel bad that they have to wait but rules are rules & i refuse to lose my job over it.


Sounds like such a made up story.


Wow,maybe you should manage your time and shopping better. I'm pretty sure if it was someone else with too many items in their cart in front of you you would have had something to say.

I agree that a lot of Walmarts need to have more cashiers and I'm sure that would make the few on duty happy and less stressed with your attitude.


Everyone who replied to this reviews are fools and don't know that they are being fooled. This person is obviously trolling, people often do that for attention.