Mississauga, Ontario

I was at heartland Walmart when I got into line at express. There were maybe 4 people in front of me. There was one cashier, and another girl who wasn't wearing a vest, I assumed she was a csm as she told the cashier she is going somewhere. The cashier was going very fast until she stopped to do a MasterCard application which was SO unprofessional.

I said "excuse me, can you call for more cashiers?". She looked at me and said she's sorry but she cannot do that, and I was like "what, you can't call your manager and ASK FOR MORE CASHIERS".

just then the csm came back and said "you haven't even been in line for more than a minute, and your next, what's your problem?" I told her to call a manager because that is so unprofessional. She picked up the phone and paged for someone.

Then she looked at my cart and told me I have more than 12 items and I need to go to the regular checkouts. I told her that I will pay here and I will report both csm and cashier to a manager. Then this manager came, she asked what the problem is. I began to explain it when the csm said "she has like 30 items and she came to express". The manager told me to leave and I started to put the stuff on the cashiers counter and she was scanning it (ignoring me the whole time).

The csm and manager were talking and then the manager walked over and said to the cashier "don't serve this customer" and she cancelled the transaction. She threw all my things back in my cart and told me I will have to go to the regular checkouts like everyone else.

I told her that I want to talk to the store manager, and she was like "I'm done with you" and she took my cart and pushed it behind the customer service desk. I went to the customer service desk and asked for a manager when the customers in the lineup behind me started screaming at me for cutting.

I tried to explain the situation to them when two undercover security guards came and escorted me out. I tried to get back in but the greeter called them so I left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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You call the csm who is probably much more mature than you a girl when you don't know how to count, 30 is higher than 12. To top it off you cant even wait your turn and you are impatient that you cannot wait in line for more than a few minutes, what are you like 12?


Um, good for them. Express is for 12 items or less and you clearly knew that.

You're no better than anyone else, wait in line like everyone else. Why should you get to go through express with more that 12 items, because you're special?


you are so right because its not right for someone to stand behind someone who got 90 items in a express and got 3 items and the managers take up for these foolish people who dont care.why do yall have 20 items or less if you dont care come on people take down these signs in all the walmarts.

@boo boo

You are absolutely correct.


I work at WM and have for some time now. I often work the express register, while I'm working I keep an eye on my line.

If there is someone in the line with 20, 30 or more items I politely ask them if they are going to purchase smoking products since that's the register you would purchase such items, and if they say no, then I politely inform them of the sign that's right in front of their face that say 10 items or less. I don't have time to count the customers items, so if it's a little over 10 items I'll still check them out.

I don't know where customers get the idea that the customer is always right because if you're wrong you're just wrong. Point blank dot com


They should be taking care of the customer, but when the customer acts like a 6 year old spoiled brat than they should not have to suffer the abuse. This person not only admitted to abusing the staff but other customers as well.

When you behave as the OP is you are no longer a customer but a major spoiled brat. Or PITA(Pain in the ***)


That's a ***. They should taking care the costumer.

Business is business.

The costumer support our job. Without a costumer we don't have a job.


I wonder what that person name...?..n where he/she work?..so i can complain on he/she manager at he/she work or do worst..make he/she fire...hahaha ***


Get a life...cheeeess I hate that kind of person..think they are own the earth by themselves

Those kind of preson is an animal in the past life..that y they want want want everything have to be there way ...F that person ..IM ON WM SIDE..WM IS MY BEST PLACE TO SHOP ...


Speedy checkouts are 21 items or less, there haven't been greeters in the store for over a year, getting credit card applications for Walmart not Mastercard are part of the job but usually only on totals of $100 or more, you don't even know how to spell the name of the store and the cashiers there are very friendly. I think there is more to the story or you were having a bad day and taking it out on everybody else.


Wow, if this story is true believe me as a Walmart manager you had to have done a whole lot more to get kicked out. Because it takes alot before they go to that extreme!


people like that make our job so much harder.as a csm at walmart I know first hand how people act. stop being such a *** and trying to get something for nothing. we dont need customers like that.


I don't think this person is lying. If they were they would leave their bad behavior out.

Glad this person was made to leave the store instead of given her way. Most times when a customer throws a temper tantrum they give in to save their business.

Losing one customer who is abusive and arrogant is not going to hurt them. Glad they protected their employees and other customers from this entitled ***.


What a liar


You shouldn't be in the express lane with more than 12 items and really don't you think if they had more cashier they would call them..A simple store employee one isn't allowed to use the phone and not even the CSM can pull cashier out of her behind.

Sometimes the customers are worse than the actual store...If you are in the express lane with 30 items you need to get out of line and stop being a baby


Kate I think that she is definately telling the truth here. I mean she admitted acting like a ***, she admitted cutting in line and acting as if she was superior and did not have to follow the rules like 12 or less items.

Anonymous from Pennsylvania, yeah the customer is always right but there are limits, and when one customer upsets other customer by doing things like cutting in lines, arguing with the cashier because they won't check her out in the 12 or less line with her 30 items then well making that one customer angry is not going to hurt. What they were dealing with was a child trapped in an adults body.


i work in retail and I was always taught customers r always right even thou they r wrong sometimes u just smile and do your job


I work in retail, and customers today are very selfish,rude and each customer thinks they dont have to follow even basic etiquette.

Rules are rules, I've been in Walmart in the 20 items or less lane and customers who feel that rules don't apply to them get into that line with 50 items and they don't care that it is rude, and us rule abiding people just have to put up with it.

Oh and btw, that cashier probably has to put up with customers complaining about customers like you, who feel entitled and above the rules, prob why the cashier let you know that u were breaking the RULES.


There is a simple solution to this problem. All of the people in line should just walk away and

leave their shopping carts for other employees to put back on the shelf. When they see how

much business is walking out the door maybe they will decide that customer was not right and should be escorted out of the store.


There are two sides to every story and something tells me there is a lot more here then what you're saying. While I've been at the front end of both sides of bad customer service and *** customers, I can tell you this went differently.

Most of the customers I've ever dealt with who were rude have almost always put the sole blame on the associate when it either wasn't the associate who caused the problem or the associate barely had anything to do with it. That being said, it's called express lane for a reason.

I'm going to call *** on the manager being THAT rude. They're paid to *** kiss the customer like nobody's business....