Mississauga, Ontario

I was at heartland Walmart when I got into line at express. There were maybe 4 people in front of me. There was one cashier, and another girl who wasn't wearing a vest, I assumed she was a csm as she told the cashier she is going somewhere. The cashier was going very fast until she stopped to do a MasterCard application which was SO unprofessional.

I said "excuse me, can you call for more cashiers?". She looked at me and said she's sorry but she cannot do that, and I was like "what, you can't call your manager and ASK FOR MORE CASHIERS".

just then the csm came back and said "you haven't even been in line for more than a minute, and your next, what's your problem?" I told her to call a manager because that is so unprofessional. She picked up the phone and paged for someone.

Then she looked at my cart and told me I have more than 12 items and I need to go to the regular checkouts. I told her that I will pay here and I will report both csm and cashier to a manager. Then this manager came, she asked what the problem is. I began to explain it when the csm said "she has like 30 items and she came to express". The manager told me to leave and I started to put the stuff on the cashiers counter and she was scanning it (ignoring me the whole time).

The csm and manager were talking and then the manager walked over and said to the cashier "don't serve this customer" and she cancelled the transaction. She threw all my things back in my cart and told me I will have to go to the regular checkouts like everyone else.

I told her that I want to talk to the store manager, and she was like "I'm done with you" and she took my cart and pushed it behind the customer service desk. I went to the customer service desk and asked for a manager when the customers in the lineup behind me started screaming at me for cutting.

I tried to explain the situation to them when two undercover security guards came and escorted me out. I tried to get back in but the greeter called them so I left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Sounds to me like ur a spoiled brat! And its walmart not burger king its not ur way right away every customer deserves to have their needs met.

How do u think the people in line wth 5 itms would have felt waiting on ur 30 they were in the right line and they were waiting respectfully u should try it !! Also manners are a worls wide thing wht part of the world do u live in that people don't have any really I wanna know so I never go there :sigh


Seriously? I deal with customers like you everyday, and we still get *** for being horrible. I have amazing customer service skills, and I am sweet to everyone. But you would have set me off. Hmmm.... Lets think... how is it unproffesional for her to the mastercard app??? Thats our JOB.

And we CANT call other cahsiers. If there were other cashiers, they would be there. There was 4 people in line?? Thats a short line.

Just be glad you werent in Redding, I have the best csm, and he protects me like a little sister, and he would NOT stand for such a rude customer.

:) Happy Holidays!


I would have asked you once to leave and then called the police. Next time you go out, learn how to behave.

You are in someone's business. Everything isn't going to be your way.


God, you're a nightmare. Why do you think that you can tell the CSM or cashier how to do their job.

And how is it unprofessional for the cashier to do a Mastercard application. If I was the manager I would have thrown you out of the store as well. And why do you think that you should be able to check out in the express line with more than 12 items?

Are you special? You deserve what you got!


Right you bullsh!@#$@ er!!!!!!!!