So I went to Walmart on Black Friday. I got the One Hour guarantee for the Dr Dre beats headphones.

When I registered, I got a confirmation email stating that it would arrive in stores between 12/14 through 12/22. I went to track my order today and then it says it won't be ready for pick up until 12/30!!!!!!! Mind you they guarantee your items come before Christmas. So I call customer service....

The absolute worse. How are you such a popular business and your customer service suckss? After being on hold for 45 mins, a lady picks up, gets my order number and hangs up. So then I call back, on hold for another 30 minutes and the lady was very helpful but apparently she said it is not guaranteed that my order can be cancelled.

And since it will be delivered after Christmas we will get a 25$ gift card for the inconvenience!!!! I will say

.. I been a loyal customer and this is by far the WORST business to buy from.

Walmart will no longer get my business and will be reported to the better business bureau.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $121.

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Went to Walmart today because 32" TV wasn't available yet. They replaced with 39" Sanyo and $10 gift card.

Only took 15 phone calls and 10 emails totaling about 6 hours to accomplish.

Glad its over but handed the gift card to someone in front of manager and stated I would NEVER buy another item from them EVER again.

They cheat truckers who deliver EVERYTHING to them out of $ daily. Terrible terrible company.

Fremont, California, United States #763147

I went to walmart today and i am happy to say, that they went above and beyond. Since they did not have Beats solo in stock, they replaced it with Beats Mixr, which retails for $249.99.

I did not have to fight at all. I explained my case and they offered the higher priced headphones with a smile. They had a choice of red, blue and green.

I picked red. Thanks for the wonderful service and happy holidays.

Paisley, Florida, United States #762655

I got the a tv also to be delivered by today,not there.On walmart.com it still says no tracking available so I think mine probably won't come til next year.Will never go to walmart black friday again.

woohoo I shopped Wally World too Thanksgiving Day..*** ava line!!...got me a mini thought all was well until the 14th came around and I didnt get a text telling me it was in, now mind you, you can go to Walmart today and they have Mini's falling off the shelf, just none of them were "mine' tracted my # O God the 27th..for real, gave them a quick email about this ***, and they send me a message back and said they miss dated my email, its now the 22nd..I really think I ****ed up by using walmart, and no happy Christmas for me..Wally will see me soon :(

Santa is bringing the beats for my son. They never emailed I just looked up my tracking info today.


Now what am I going to do. I planned to call customer servixe tomorrow but it doesn't sound good!

Shame on me for choosing Walmart.

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