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I received a one hour guarantee card, because Walmart was out of my item on the Thanksgiving day promotion. There was confusion at the checkout about how to handle the guarantee card and finally they took my money and told me I would get the gift card after registering on the website.

It was supposed to have a gift card come with the item as part of the promotion. I tried to register the one hour guarantee card Thursday night and the site was not working. I registered the one hour guarantee card the next day and got a confirmation that I was registered. The site and the email both said I should receive two emails by last Tuesday - one giving me an order number for the product and one giving me the details on how to receive/redeem the gift card.

I did not receive the emails. I have now called twice - the first time I was told they were entering a ticket and I would get a call within 24 hours - no call. Today, when I called, I talked to a very friendly rep who had no information and the best they could tell me was that I should get emails by Christmas and they would refund my money if I did not. I want the product/gift card.

I called the store and the store manager said he was not aware they ran out of my item on Thanksgiving and was surprised I received a one hour guarantee card. He said he had no information on on how does business - that they are separate from the stores. I asked him for the phone number to corporate headquarters and he told me to call again tomorrow. I told him I was not going to wait on hold for an hour again only to talk to someone else again who cannot help me.

I found the corporate headquarters phone number and will call them tomorrow. The promotion seems like it was poorly planned and I will not ever participate in another Walmart promotion or buy anything through

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Don't shop on Thanksgiving! Any other day of the week, you probably wouldn't have a problem like that.


paid for item at store registered on wallmart web enterdacess code thencode and pin but will not accept it then it asks me how do i wish to pay fr item like i said i already paid and im pretty frustrated and mad :(


scratch off the silver/black strip (or peel it like I did) and it gives you a gift card number and pin which is just where the money that you paid was put on that gift card number and you're ordering your ipad online basically. And when you go on there, it says that your $100 gift card will be emailed when the iPad ships to you.

Walmart that we went to didn't know how to handle the situation and loaded a gift card for us right there for the $100 but now I'll be taking that back because it's the right thing to do. But use that number that you scratch off and that's how you "pay" for the item.

It was confusing but I figured it out. Good luck!


I do hope you have received your product confirmation email by now. Your one hour guaranteed purchase item will be shipped to the address on file that you provided during registration.