We got the 1 hour guarantee / gift card for the 32" TV, and went home to register online, as instructed. It took 2 hours of trying to submit our code - their website did not work and kept crashing. It finally went through - or so we thought.

We went back to check because no email ever arrived saying the TV had shipped. They have no record of it, and said we could still use the gift card. So much for the TV - what a pack of lies!! They should have a record of what was purchased on that day so they know how many TV's they need. It's an absolute joke, and I am so pissed that we wasted all that time not only in the store, but online and then waiting for some *** customer service rep in India to fumble through their excuses.

This fiasco is ALL THIER FAULT and I do NOT want their *** gift card. I HATE THIS STORE and their UNCARING ATTITUDE toward all of us who made the special trip there and stood in line for hours. I will NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN, and I will tell as many people as I can about this horrible experience. I hope the bad press they get from everyone who got screwed does away with their feeble attempt at this in the future. I HATE WALMART!!!

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Paisley, Florida, United States #762636

I have an order number that shows up when I log in but there is still {as of near the end of the 22nd} no tracking info available which means it has not shipped.Walmart.com simply has a message that says too many calls try later.

I will never wait in line like a sheep just to find they do not keep their commitment.Nothing but a *** to get you in.Never again!


I see walmart has a do-boy on here trying to blame all of the customers for falling for the Walmart TV SCAM!

to Anonymous Paisley, Florida, United States #762640

I see him too the do boy nitwit

to Anonymous #768644

The creep harasses everyone who complains.


Do you really think the fact that you are unhappy with WalMart and are going to try and convince everybody that you know not to shop there will really hurt their business/ It was your choice to stand in line in order to get a CHEAP TV, so you don't have anybody to blame but yourself. I would be willing to bet you felt the same way about WalMart before this happened as you do now, but you went because you were desperate for a cheap TV.

You don't seem to understand how this works.

They already had the TVs in stock and they didn't have any idea exactly how many they would need. It is basically first come, first served.

to anonymous #768646

Shut up nitwit! You are clueless and have no credibility whatsoever.

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