Stone Mountain, Georgia

On Wednesday June the 15th i encountered a horrible experience at the Chamblee Village Walmart in Atlanta Georgia!!! And i really do LOVE this store!!!

It has everything i need!!! One thing happened on this day!!! Well two!!! The first thing is everytime i go into the store i have to use the bathroom and it is always closed off with the seat that is used for the customer to sit on to rest!!!

I spoke to a manager named Sean or Shane and am not sure, He told maintenance to let me in there which was a good thing!!! In the past that hasn't happened. My opinion is that it should not take more than ten minutes to clean a bathroom!!! and should not have to be blocked off for more than 10 minutes!

They always say go to the back and you don't really feel like it after shopping!!! Secondly, i wanted to get me a snack from the deli!!! and i LOVE your freshly made drummettes and the clerk (couldn't see the name tag) asked me what i wanted and i told her!!! the other clerk Wanda gave another customer what i had asked for not saying there was more or nothing!!!

the Clerk who took my order said nothing!!! Sorry or nothing!!! I tell the manager and he does nothing!!! I believe Sean or Shane!!!

the same one with the bathroom!!! Anyway, he should have went over there at the time to have them drop some more chicken drummettes!!! simply because i had ordered the same thing!!!

and had to wait!!! and should have gotten them FREE for the problem that was not solved!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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WAA WAA gawd, what a bunch of whiners....I, I, I, ME, ME, ME I wanted the chicken drumettes WAA WAA WAA.

We have our young men and women dying in Afghanistan and all you can do is have some "bleeping" Cheese to go with that whine


Just be glad they even clean the bathrooms.


shop some where elese if you dont like the way they run that store!! walmart cant fix everything to the way you like it..


I can tell English isn't your first language, your post makes no sense!