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I ordered from Walmart online. I had a few returns and was told I could return them at the Broadway Walmart Store.

I had everything I needed (or was told I needed), everything was in their original packages, I had the invoice/receipt with the bar codes and descriptions of the 2 products and even the credit card I used. After waiting 10 minutes for the Customer Service Manager to finally get to me (which I didn't have a problem with) she said I couldn't return it. I said why? I have everything, and everything here is returnable at the store.

She said well I scanned the bar codes and nothing comes up. I replied well that's what you told me to bring. The items have everything you need there has to be another way to look it up. She said no there isn't' .

We had only been talking for 3 minutes ….(after waiting ten) when she looked past me at the next customer and said to them "I can help you now". I asked for the customer service manager and she said she was. Then when I packed up the items and started walking away she gave a "sarcastic" (and everyone knows what I'm talking about)…"Have a good night". Well WALMART it's no wonder you are TANKING.

If Cynthia (the customer service manager at the Broadway WALMART in Chicago (one of the biggest cities in the U.S.) is the face of your customer service ….what do you expect?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You think Walmart is tanking? LOTFLMAO Read this quote:

"Wal-Mart Stores.

Wal-Mart remained at No. 1 on the Fortune 500 this year and toppled Royal Dutch Shell to grab the Global 500 top spot.

The retailer has ramped up its international focus. With Doug McMillon's start as CEO in 2014, the company has underscored its desire to expand further overseas.

Global 500 - Fortune


Okay I expected people to side with me, but clearly everyone on this site is retarded. Also it is apparent that Cynthia did not deserve a promotion but slept with management just so she can get a promotion.


I did NOT post the above comment!!!!


Of course you did not. Grow up, and admit you made a mistake.


funny how many people (6) that are defending WALLYWORLD on here!! Don't think wallyworld cares about Cythia at all THEY ONLY WISH THE TAX rules would change so they can go back to DEAD PHEASANT insurance to pay for her for the ENTIRE TIME SHE WORKS FOR THEM.

In essence THEY NEED to get her to quite believe me they are trying everything they can to get her to HOPE ON OVER TO TARGERor Mcdonals she just isn;t biting yet!! As for your return call walmart and TELL THEM to send a RETURN LABEL and put in disbute with your credit card company...


Something is missing from this story. What do you mean tanking?

Its a corporation, if one store out of over 100,000 shuts down, they wouldn't miss it. Subway, can lose 100 restaurants, and wouldn't give a ***.

In corporates eyes, those are pay checks, and there's plenty out there.


Their earnings. I can't explain finance to you. It doesn't sound like you follow them closely you seem to just think because the have a lot stores they are fine.


I think you need one of your parents to explain financing to you. It is quite apparent you are still three years old. Calling people who disagree with you retards and then saying that someone else posted that comment.


Walmart is tanking?? What planet are you on? You clearly did something wrong that you're not telling!


Not sure how you got that? However, I am sure you don't know much about Wall Street because they aren't doing well.



"NEW YORK (AP) - Much like its low-income shoppers, Wal-Mart can't seem to catch a break as the U.S. economy rebounds.

The world's largest retailer on Thursday posted a 21 percent drop in fourth quarter profit and gave a subdued forecast for the current year as it continues to be weighed down by a number of factors."

They earned $1.2 billion less than the year earlier.


What does the size of the city have to do with anything in your complaint? There is more to your story than you are telling.


If it's not obvious, I can't help you out.