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i was in the walmart on monday he is the most rude person i have every met to the other associate he has no respect for any of the back up cashiers and not one of the csm's do really anything but stand around and talk about other people if they can't do their jobs why have them they will not get on a regester and they can be 5 or more of them just standing around its not fair to the other associates to have to take care of the front when they could get on a regester themselves and then the back up cashiers get in trouble for not having all their work done before leaving and also its not fair that the associates that work in apparel has to zone the grocery shelfs as well i have been very upset seeing how this store treats these associates the management doesn't seem to care i would not work fop a place like this seeing how they treat their associates please do something.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Walmart Cons: Refuse to reimburse for overcharge, How they treat their associates.

  • Service And Attitude
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