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I was a distributor withBimbo Bakery here in Birmingham Alabama I would have passed 44 months I have work with lot of local churches and just faith-based organizations dealing with bimbo and it Lac or just basic human rights issues I know you that you are one of two major retailers that uses bimbo for the store brand can I know that Walmart take great pride on diversification and Community involvement and the fair treatment of employees the Bimbo Bakery in fact is the opposite doing my employment there they were lack of diversification for his management the working conditions were horrible the bread were taken out on bread trays full of bird and rodent ***. I've also work with some national Faith Build and empowerment groups. Long story short we would like to ask for your assistance in dealing with bimbo and their basic human rights situation we are particular not satisfy with their slave like mentality and being of African American descent this is greatly disturbing to us we would like for your assistance in dealing with this problem and choose another vendor to provide your great value bread the African American community always supported Walmart and we look forward to us support of you in addition we have some women organizations also who are upset with them for putting their children Health at risk (*** issues )

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Bunch of BS if you ask me.


Why do you lie about this stuff? Like who would believe these lies?

It’s stupid. Stop being so offended by everything.


i don't even know what this review is about---its so much dribble bs....