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One register opened We stood in line at an elderly person working the cash Register

After my 15 min wait in line register next open and took next in line without saying next in line. My cashier had to call supervisor 3 times so I told the supervisor and she said she can’t help it People just walk up.

Amsterdam NY Walmart. 9:30am and at least 8 employees having coffee in Subway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Simple: if you do not like Walmart, stay away. What says you have to shop there?


I've walked out of Walmart and left a cart full of groceries just for this reason. After waiting in line another customer came up behind me (I was next in line for the cashier) and started complaining to the head cashier about the lines.

The head cashier told her she would open another register for her and took her right into the next line. If they want to provide proper customer service they should take the people from the front of the lines when they open another register rather than the last customer that got to the checkouts.


The lack of adequate open registers is usually the fault of corporate dictates---they have stats that determine how many lanes should be open based on prior years data, etc. and the store manager has to follow that with little leeway.

The other problem is employees calling in sick or just not showing up for scheduled work. The other problem could just be local store management not paying attention to what is going on in the store. Walmart isn't alone in this problem. Meijer stores are now competing with Walmart for lack of lanes.

Kroger now seems to have adequate lanes open and there is always someone monitoring the lane traffic so they can open lanes quickly as needed. I suggest you forget about Walmart and Meijer and try Kroger if you have one in your area.

Or, a smaller local grocery store. You might pay a few cents more per item, buy why give a store like Walmart your business if they don't care enough to open enough lanes to serve their customers?


I work at Kroger, and customers continue to complain about not enough cashiers at the front end.


Hmmm... that is strange... The Walmart near my Does Not have a Subway inside the store.So Exactly How do you know that 8 Walmart employees were at Subway having coffee???Did you go to this particular Subway and notice the Walmart employees having coffee???Do you know if these Walmart employees actually worked at the Front End or What time they were supposed to clock in?


Yes subway in store at our location.Walmart should have more than one register opened. It’s ok they lost my business! Plus others that were rolling their eyes at the lack of employees working!!!


All 3 Walmart's in my area have a subway.