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I went on line and ordered a $15 Straight talk activation/refill card for home phone and got an email confirmation saying I should get the email delivery in a few hours. So I wait and wait and no email.

I call the 800 number and they said it was on financial hold.

I ordered on line using the guest option so when I went on line to check the status I couldn't do it because it was looking for a user id and password and I had used the guest option. I called the 800 customer care # and asked for a supervisor and after about 15 minutes one came on the line and said he was to busy to help me call back later !!! So I sent several emails to customer care but never got to a finance person only more B$ about 48 hours. Called 800 again and finally got a supervisor same story 48 hours so I asked to escalate this issue and was given a confirmation number.

I had made a $80 home phone purchase just the day before with my credit card and picked the item up in my local store with no delay. I went to walmart to buy another $15 card and my credit card was rejected so I used cash.

I checked my cc account on line and found nothing abnormal so it looks like walmart is scamming customers . Shame on walmart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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same thing happened to me :(