Lodi, California
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My daughter ordered a bedding set from Walmart and when she received it, it was from Wayfair. This would have been fine if bedding fit bed but comforter was to small for her king size bed.

So she goes to return it, and as it is from Wayfair she has to pay $50 to return it. Are you kidding me! When you order something from Walmart you want to be able to return it to Walmart. Need to fix this immediately!

Should be able to return ANYTHING ordered from Walmart site back to Walmart! Well don't have anything else to say but have to have 100 words!

Reason of review: Not being able to return to Walmart and having to pay $50 shipping cost to return .

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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So the Walmart site says something like "ships and sold by Wayfair". They're terms clearly say that if you by from a non-walmart seller you get to deal with those sellers directly.

So you clicked on "I agree" and placed the order with Wayfair. And... Your problem is...


You made the deal. So, Live with it.


If your daughter is old enough to go shopping on her own she can fight her own battles. She should be posting this instead of you.

Do you still go to her house and tuck her in at night. Do you still read her bedtime stories?


Dear anonymous, lol how much are you getting paid to read these and comment sarcastically! I mean do you just spend your sorry life scrolling thru these sites to make your childish comments.

I'm still laughing that you felt the need to write what you did. Hopefully Walmart will see this and fix the return problem.


That's the reason their Anon! It's easy to belittle someone when know one knows who they are.


Some people deserve to be belittled, and I don't see you posting your last name. Just saying.


They have a point. This is what is wrong with the world today. Grow up's cannot fight their own battles.