I was happily ordering online for Walmart grocery pickup for several months with no negative issues. Until, shortly after the site upgrade, I began to have a problem.

At the beginning of the order, I select my usual store (1141* 114th and Quaker Ave Lubbock, TX) and pickup time.

I spend time selecting my items and continue to check out; where it shows I am to pick up in Bentonville, AK. No matter how many times I change the pickup location back to my store, at checkout confirmation it shows I will pick up in Bentonville AK.

During checkout it offers to ship some items and I decline but it wants to confirm my shipping address. Not sure if that is where the glitch is.

I spoke to the Customer Service representative in the store and she told me she did not shop at Walmart and did not know what was happening.

I chatted with someone online and he said it was because the items I needed were out of stock and suggested I shop inside the store. I hardly think approximately 50 grocery items are all out of stock.

Obviously, some items are out of stock and I remove them.

I asked to speak with someone by phone and someone did call me. After attempting to place an order for me, the same thing happened, the pickup store was changed by the system. No resolution was found in the time I had to talk with this representative.

I have tried different devices, home computer, work computer and the app on my iphone. I have tried to pickup at a different Lubbock, TX Walmart store.

Nothing helps, pickup is automatically changed to Bentonville, AK.

I have not tried to place an order in about two weeks and I may not. It is extremely frustrating and time consuming to go through the order process only to experience this failure at the order confirmation.

Location: Hobbs, New Mexico

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