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You flunk Walmart! A simple online purchase turns into a EPIC FAIL on your QA almost across the board.

1. I ordered a laptop... considering the amount of packaging, the styrofoam block protection, and "the box inside a box" care taken for this product NOT to be damaged during shipping I can only assume that it was packaged in the damaged state I received it. In other words, somewhere down the line an employee made a conscious decision to toss the broken piece inside the plastic sleeve, fit the styrofoam cuffs, box and mail my laptop out without a second thought.

2. I called CS to expedite the process of returning the damaged laptop and having a replacement sent out as I planned to use this for upcoming work. The first person I spoke with was quite helpful and guided me online to the appropriate pages and links I needed to acknowledge my responsibility of returning the damaged laptop. We did this specifically to allow him to expedite the processing of a new order with a promise to overnight it to me. The last thing he left me with was to print out the page I was on, tape it to the outside of the box and take it to USPS. No problem - We hung up.

I began printing out the page and reading my screen only to see that the instructions say that this page goes "inside the box" and the mail carrier would contact me to pick this package up. - Now I'm confused, I call back and speak to another CS person.

This female CS person is obviously having either a bad day or more likely a bad life and extremely *bitchy insisting that I need to ignore the webpage instructions, print the page out, tape it to the outside of the box and take it to USPS... Not bending, I explained yet again those were NOT the instructions on the page, READ her what the instructions said word for word and made a 2nd point of the original carrier being FedEx and NOT USPS. Nope, take it USPS as I am instructing sir. -fine, like a *** I package it up and drive about 4 miles to USPS where I stand in line for 15-20 minutes only to find out that NOPE take it to FedEx sir.... Ok, now I drive across town to take this package to FedEx only for them to try to collect postage for the damaged shipment... because I didn't have a proper return label (no fault of mine). So, FedEx asked to see the label I printed out and put inside the box and by doing so I now have an order number - I can call Walmart CS while standing there in the FedEx building - the first person I speak to needs to know the whole story of course and he confirms that - No, I didn't have to do anything more than what I did from home online and someone would be calling me to schedule a pickup.

By this time I am asking for a supervisor: "I cannot just let this go, I think I need to speak to a supervisor and file a report - this is costing me time and money, not to mention the stress and aggravation" So, he instructs me to dial "211" after he returns me to the ***. I wait only to find myself trapped in the *** after dialing 211 and I land in another department where I have to tell the person ALL OVER AGAIN my circumstance... she tells me that 211 has been changed to 221 and instead she says "let me transfer you over" - relief... she transfers me, I get some ringing and a recording for a wrong number and an automatic hangup.

PURE FRUSTRATION at this point. So I take my package and drive for home calling back (safely - with a headset) and get yet another person that won't get me a supervisor until they "hear my story" - however, this time she put me on hold and walked a supervisor to me and I get to tell my story all over again for like the 5th time now.... and finally some resolve.

Here's the end result of that convo: She confirmed that "Yes" I can expect a call from UPS (not FedEx nor USPS) and that they would indeed expedite my new laptop to the address I gave them and for my trouble I would receive a $60 refund to my Paypal account - hardly worth it, but I have to admit I had that refund within an hour or two. Ok, fine. I spoke my piece and a supervisor can create a report and hopefully re-train the CS monkeys to get it straight for the next person.

That was on mid-day on Thursday.... it's now Tuesday night of the following week and my order status still shows "Pending" meaning what ???? even if it did process tomorrow... I still wouldn't receive it until Friday at best and that would be an 8 day wait (on top of the original purchase and wait) for an EXPEDITED order ???? ...that of course is assuming that they actually do process my order tomorrow... and at this point I really have my doubts!

I give up Walmart, you are obviously far too ignorant and/or have complete imbeciles running your staff. I cancel my order and will FOREVER take my business elsewhere.

Oh, and did I mention that my money is now tied up in the system for God knows how long before being returned to my account

-arrrrgggggg. Walmart You Suck! GRADE "F"

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Mesa, Colorado, United States #762195

Threat threats threats... You'll be back at Walmart! Liar liar!

Timmins, Ontario, Canada #762051

Sound like a carbon copy of my dilemma. Except mine was with online ordering. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN.


Ready the post is not why most posters are on. They have sexual issues and use this site to ATTACK the poster.

PISSEDCONSUMR needs to block the constant poster that is attacking.

I MEAN REALLY THIS IS called PISSEDCONSUMER which would be in line with a person BEING PISSED.


You don't even realize that walmart didn't pack the thing. OMG you're dumb.

This whole post should be directed towards the manufacturer. In the end; this is your fault. You should know how to return an item to a store and/or online via mail. You failed at this task immensely.

Please do not procreate or leave your home. Signed ~the rest of humanity.

to urmomwashereandibangedher #727328

You obviously did not read the whole post or understand what was said.... they (Walmart) insisted that I take this to USPS...

as I described above. Oh wait... didn't read your username...

it may be just your immature and ignorant. My bad.

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