Placed order morning, chose pick up time 3-4pm. Received notification order needed more time would get notification when ready.

Received notification at 5pm order ready. Went to Walmart, had to wait 45 minutes to get in a pickup spot as they were busy, after getting in a spot waited another 30 minutes, tried to call the number on the sign to ensure my check in, no answer. Multiple employees came out to the parking lot to look around while the few others were bringing out orders. Called the number again and got an answer, verified who I was, was told we are short-staffed to give us 15-20 min.

roughly 10 minutes later an employee comes out, says I'm sorry what is your name again, we are behind and will get your order together soon as possible. I tell this employee I have not been waiting for 2 hours total including the time waiting before I could get in a pickup up spot. Apology and we will get it together soon as we can. A few minutes after this another employee comes to the car, asking my name.

Says we will have to get the order together. I asked is the order not already together? He says no they still have to shop for it. I said I received notification that it was delayed, then got another notification it was ready for pickup.

He says I don't know why you would have received that notification, corporate is screwing things up, and we cannot get a hold of them. I explained again I have been waiting for 2 hours.... please just cancel the order. I said I would have appreciated someone coming out much sooner to tell me you are short-staffed and cannot fulfill my order over leaving me to sit here for 2 hours.

I said multiple staff have come out and looked at all the vehicles waiting like it is an attraction. None of those who came to look made an effort to speak with anyone nor were they and of the 3 staff who were bringing orders to the vehicles. He was apologetic. I called corporate and made a complaint after I was able to get out of the parking lot.

i will never order through Walmart again, I have not stepped foot in a Walmart for almost a year.

I have no problem shopping somewhere else.

I will not support a store who leaves multiple customers waiting for that length of time to be told corporate screwed up emails, they are short-staffed etc. In the time I spent waiting I could have been told the order cannot be fulfilled, we apologize, and I could have simply gone to another store for items that day.

User's recommendation: Do not waste your time.

Location: Lillington, North Carolina

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