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While checking out when I went to put in promo code, coupon or gift card it would go right to purchase and bam put the order through. This happened on several orders so would then have to cancel then reorder.

Why did I do this, well every time I would call customer service within two minutes (literally) to cancel the order and each time was told too late order had already processed (complete bull) then for a couple of orders I called Walmart.com so I could give them my order and have them place them so I wouldn’t have to keep going through this. I was told they can not do this. About 95% of my customer service calls were routed out of the country where the majority of representatives can not even be clearly understood in conversation. Honestly 3/4 out of 5 representatives I spoke with were not nice at all..

actually on the mean and bothered side and almost every time act like they don’t understand what you’re saying, will not correct the problem, if a problem is black and white.. 2 +2 they still most of the time claim there’s nothing they can do and as far as refunds.. from all of the canceled orders.. I’m constantly having to check my credit card for the refunds..

there is always a problem.. examples.. will say we didn’t charge you (yet the charge IS on my credit card.. another is even up to a little over a month there are items that haven’t been refunded..

then Walmart will have you purchase products they should not have.. if it says in stock then it should be in stock. Sure once in awhile you have to expect this to happen but NOT on 3 orders out of 7 orders and multiple products. So with just the issues of refunds, cancellations, purchases period.

I have in the last month and a half spent at least 15 hours on the phone with customer service having to argue (to the point of begging and wanting to cry/scream) and foreign customer service putting you on hold at 30/40 minutes intervals on most calls.. and being disconnected (I fee this my be their favorite) I also believe that their job is to frustrate the customer as the majority of people would give up as to avoid the stress I would have lived that option but some of us do not financially speaking have that choice. Another issue is that Walmart selling from a very large a various amount of retailers you now get some products of absolute cheapest quality. I’m talking about the products you can buy on sites like WISH for pennies on the dollar and returning these flimsy items is another nightmare.

You have to print out return label then package and return yourself then from there you can wait up to a month easily for your refund to show up in your account if it shows up at all and they’ve shown up the wrong price (AND NEVER FOR MORE THAN YOU PAID) always less. Then another 40 min call to customer service over $3/$4 again a lot of people would just let it go. If I were to add up the amount to be refunded to me just for orders over the last month and a half I can tell you that I have NOT received all of my refunds and have refunds that are still shorting me to be corrected. The time I did get a customer service rep in the US.

They apologized for the mess I’m going through and when I said I even tried to order through you I was told they couldn’t do this rep said yes they can and she did this particular order and had no problems but this happens as often as a needle is found in a haystack. I’m physically and mentally drained over this past 45/60 days of arguing, being beyond mad, to the point of tears that all I want at this time is for this to be corrected and over with. I can not speak for others but I can say from my experience Walmart.com is not the way I would order anything. I tried online ordering, for a couple of reasons, the first and foremost being that the actual Walmart store that is close to me has been terrible.

The customer service area workers majority treat customers doing returns badly. Almost as is you are directly violating them. When you ask an employee where might an item be. You get nothing..

most every employee responds with “I don’t know”, “Sorry I can’t help you in that”, or a glazed over stare (NOTHING) not once has a manager at this store accommodated any issue. Even the store managers are extremely unprofessional and unpleasant. Most of the cashiers are unfriendly and the self check out is s nightmare. Was no where near finished.

Main point is that I even have contacted Walmart corporate office for these issues and have not ONCE gotten any type of worthwhile words spoken to me. I even had an incident where a man was fed up with the wait in line and since I was in front of him when he got mad he put anger towards me after I said she’s (the cashier) is trying ..and said it nicely. He then threatened me physically. The cashier heard this and so did the manger standing there as he was doing a price check.

I then as the man looked the other way and with a loud voice was on his cell phone and saying to someone “ this *** better watch herself” this is after the threat said to my face. At that time I leaned over and said to the manager “I think this could be could be a dangerous situation and could I get some help?” The manager hesitated then the o lot he said was towards ..sir can we maybe not be so loud.. AND he was shouting on the phone at that time. I couldn’t believe it so I then whispered to the manager if I could have someone walk out with me.

He looked at me.. and nothing.. not a thing.. he was clearly intimidated by the man therefore putting me in a very real chance of endangerment.

I called to speak to stores MANAGER.. she didn’t do a thing.. all I got was I’ll talk to him (night manager) to see what he says.. that’s IT!!!!

Then, as I worried about.. the man was behind me as I was exciting the store and shouted at me again. “”YOU BETTER WATCH YOURSELF WHITE *** I got to and into my car as fast as possible.. mind you I can walk but I am disabled (ANOTHER THING THAT BOTH MANAGERS WERE AWARE OF) and still had no one to walk me out.

They should have just walked me out on their own doing.. but didn’t even do it when I asked. I made it to my car but then had to seat in my car for quite awhile as the man was sitting in his car. So in fear I would be followed I couldn’t leave until after he did.

Then I had to go around town some aimlessly driving to make sure the best I could that I wasn’t being followed before I could get on route home. When I finally got home, even more anguish as I lost quite a bit of my groceries. My ice cream, popsicles, (1) milk, (2) coconut milk, (2) bottles of strawberry kefir, and a few other frozen items that were questionable to keep.. I lost..

I live in Florida where it was still 87•/90• degrees out. So had to throw away items.. warm/hot and melted so the next day I called again and talked to the store manager. Not in these words..

but it was too bad for me. I replied that they did nothing to protect a customer from harm and now you WILL NOT even give me a gift card for list items and said I can bring receipt in and even the empty cartons, etc if needed as they were still in the garbage. I was told NO!! Sorry can’t..

then I said all of this.. all of this and you won’t even give a customer a $25 gift card. Told..NO. Then I called general manager they said sorry and that the store’s manager should have taken care of this.

I called store manager back she said the general manager was wrong. Finally I called the Walmart corporate office and believe it or not they did NOTHING.. I then said an establishment is suppose to keep their patrons safe.. and you didn’t really do that then caused me extreme anxiety and fear and loss if groceries and you’re still doing nothing.

The man talked to me rudely and did NOTHING.. I got so upset I then said I’d like to speak to their legal department to see what I can do and if they can help or let me know if I’d have to get a lawyer for actual help.

He then said “since you’re getting a lawyer I can no longer talk to you” I said that’s not what I said he then repeated himself and phone was hung up. I can without a doubt state that I personally have been treated extremely BAD by the Walmart store and all of the divisions of the Walmart corporation that I had dealings with.....

Reason of review: Horrific treatment from Walmart store (unbelievably bad) problems with Walmart on line.. terrible terrible terrible customer service and even the Walmart corporate office itself...

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Only person was nice was the cashier.

Walmart Cons: Order processing, Service from the people that work there suck rude at best, Horrible customer service, Putting customers in potential real danger.

  • incompetent customer service reps
  • Shoddy Workmanship
  • Walmart Products
  • Customer Service Dept
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