Trenton, New Jersey

My complaint is way to long to detail here. I placed 8 online orders with walmarts for Christmas.

Once I got them, there were problems and I have been over 2 months trying to get help from Walmarts. Mot orders were sent without an invoice so can not return them. Can not get thru by phone, e-mail, online sites and fill in forms. I am now on FB which the public see and do have someone telling me where to go and fill in info.

That is fine except none of the places work....LOL. Still and all, publishing your complains on FB does reach the public and if enough people will go there walmart will have to start responding.

Walmarts is a good place to stay far far away from. Please post problem here and then at FB

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I tested their online home delivery before Christmas, and had excellent results (see my posts).

Also, I stay away from online ordering 2-3 prior to and about a months after Christmas. Persons are just asking for trouble.

This year, there were so many online orders, FedEx/UPS just couldn't keep up.

Many deliveries were late. Online systems crashed...


looks like a virus to me :p