Walmart needs to stop these people from selling anything on their site. They lie stating it's sold in the USA which is not.

BIG LIE! It seems everything you sell online comes from China. These people take your money, send you a bogus USPS tracking number and have the audacity to send you a date of delivery. All of which is a big lie...

You contract these people regarding the order to cancel it and you receive a computer generated message your order is in transit...

Well, good luck trying to cancel the order.

They don't or won't cancel it. You never get your order or receive it 5 months later. I'm still waiting on an order which was supposed to be here yesterday and still sitting where it started.

I called the post office they stated the number was nonexistent. Now it shows it's delayed...probably will wait another 5 months.

I will never purchase another thing from Walmart's online site.

User's recommendation: never walmart.

Location: Slidell, Louisiana

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It was manufactured in China by people making the equivalent of pennies per hour. Then it was put aboard ships and sent to America.

WalMart semis picked up the cheaply made Chinese crap and brought it to your store. It was MADE IN China, but it was SOLD in the good old USA. And WalMaqt made quite a profit from the whole deal.

They don't buy crap made in America because then the people manufacturing the crap would have to get paid at least minimum wage. It's much cheaper to buy the crap from China, even with shipping costs added on to it.


How do the lie? It is obviously being sold in the USA if you live in Louisiana and purchased the product.

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