Made a large online purchase. Walmart shipped it in pieces, 4 of the items were sent by shipping partner that opted to hand off to the USPS that lost or delivered to the wrong address. No one knows. I have been told sorry about your luck, and those items are no longer available.

Walmart is refusing to take responsibility for their bait and switch. They advertise that they ship by FedEx when in reality they do not. So I am out a great deal of money and someone will have a very nice Christmas purchased by me, and my family will do with out.

Thank you Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #758555

11/29/13 I ordered 2 fleece college photo blankets 60 x 80. Under the photo it said buy one get one free.

I made two with different photos expecting to get 4. When they came I got only two blankets. I called customer service sat on phone on hold for an hour.i spoke to customer service and she said she had been dealing with this problem a lot. She assured me all was fixed and items shipped out soon.

Nothing came in mail, advertisement online has now change and they refuse to honor the ad under which I purchased from. Still no free blankets and emails about I was mistaken it wasnt my blankets under buy one get one free.

to ejg Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #760403

I am having the same exact issue with the fleece blankets. Paid for 2 on 11/29 and should have gotten 4but didn't.

e-mailed and got a canned response not addressing the issue. When I called on 12/6 (40 min on the phone) was told they were aware of the issue and they would be shipped in 2-3 days. On 12-14 I called again because I had not received theem. 20 min on hold to get cutoff and then 60 minutes dealing with someone who told me they weren't covered then oh yeah they were and then when she checked again with photo they weren't because they weren't showing on sale now.

I explained I didn't care what was on sale now I cared what was on sale when I purchased them. I asked to be escalated to a manager, she denied saying everyone was busy, I said I would hold. She came back 5 minutes later and said a manager wouldnt be available and the best she could do is send it to a department that has the old ads but "it wouldn't be quick, I definately wouldn't get it before Xmas if at all". I asked for an e-mail or ticket number confirming the escalation.

She said they didn't send e-mails and was mad I asked for a ticket number. She put me on hold again and after 5 minutes disconnected me. I then e-mailed a response to my original e-mail indiciating how frustrated I was and all of the above. I got a response asking me to send them a link to the sale.

I explained that wouldnt work because any link would show the current sale not what was on sale on 11/29. They responded by sending me a link to the current sale saying see they are not on sale. It is beyond crazy. I have contacted my credit card company to disbute the payment and am going for file a formal complaint.

These people are idiots.


Good heavens a lot of businesses do what WalMart did. They ship by either FedEx or UPS until they get to your town and then have the post office do the actual delivery.

What kind of responsibility do you want WalMart to take.

I find it really hard to believe that WalMart won't refund your money, because I have had this happen to me a couple times and WalMart has either sent me a new shipment or refunded the money.

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