Dundas, Ontario

Beware of online shopping at Walmart. The free shipping policy may be enticing, but I placed an order for three items a month ago.

Firstly, two of my items (a fan and a table lamp) arrived a little more than a week later. The entire stand to hold up the fan was missing. The table lamp was fine. I called Walmart immediately and an associate took down the parts I was missing and said he would get back to me.

After hearing nothing for about a week, I called again. This time, another associate said I would have to sort it out with the manufacturing company directly. Turns out the manufacturing company doesn't have an independent website with contact information. Frustrated, I decided to return the fan with missing parts for refund.

The third item I had ordered, a smaller fan, was never shipped. The order had been placed a month ago.

I decided to cancel this part of the order. If it takes more than a month for a company to ship a city away, and their website had said it was IN STOCK, this speaks great amounts to the reliable of this company.

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What brand name is the fan?


Order placed on 07/16/2014. Items shipped 07/19/2014

Items arrive 2.5 hrs away from pickup store at a delivery hub 07/24/2016~06:00.

07/27/2014. No one can tell me where the items are. Lol. Absolutely ridiculous.

With today's technology these retards can't locate an order. What a joke. Originally shipped usps so no tracking for this order was available.

Never again. I will pay the extra money next time and order elsewhere or just buy same/similar item from a different retailer.