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So I wanted a new tv. I selected the tv I wanted.

It said it was in stock in the Lynn Walmart which is an hour from my home. This was the only store that said online they were "in stock". I purchased it & got an email saying "within 4 hours we'll send you another email or text message when your order is ready for pickup". Several hours later I got both a text & an email stating that "your order is delayed" & they gave me a new order #.

In the same email they asked whether I wanted to "confirm or cancel the order". I clicked confirm. I contacted "customer service" about what happened and they simply said " the item you’ve requested is was out of stock when placing it and the system cancelled your order". But the system said it was in stock!!!!

I figured that this is Walmart way to get your money. In a seperate email confirming the new order # it stated "we are rush shipping your item to the store at no additional cost to you". So a few days pass & I get an email & text saying " the items listed below from your order are now ready for pickup at the Lynn Walmart". So I went to the store & waited probably 5 mins at the site to store desk because no one was there.

There was an associate nearby so I asked him if he could send someone over to assist me. Probably another 10 mins pass by before an associate strolls out like he was stoned out of his head and said "next". He needed my ID to verify. I left it in the car so I had go out & get it.

Came back in & had wait some more while he was out back doing god knows what. Finally after like 30 mins total waiting I was out the door with my tv. I will never in my life trust the Walmart stock system or use the site to store again.

My opinions of Walmart have changed & only if I really have to will I return to a Walmart store. Terrible service all round.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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There are so many ways I could hammer you, but I think Anonymous summed it up quite nicely. Some people, YOU in fact, have to have something to *** about.


It states very clearly on their website "Availability is approximate". Too bad can't read for you.


So how exactly was it that walmart "GOT" your money??? The system doesn't update every minute of everyday so it is likely that it had been in stock and somebody either ordered it before you or went to the store and bought it.

They rush shipped you another one at NO cost to you and yet you still complain. Not every associate in the store is trained to work site to store and the ones that are have other responsibilities besides standing at the counter waiting for a customer to show up. They have work to do in the back as well and do that in between customers. You say he strolled out like he was stoned?

Why? was it because he didn't run to the counter in a matter of seconds huffing and puffing anxiously waiting to serve you? People work and can't just drop everything they are doing the very second you walk in. Give them time to get to where you are.You got your tv and I really don't see what you are complaining so much about.

The "God knows what" that the associate was doing while you went to your car to get the ID that YOU left out there was called work. Perhaps where you work, all you have to do all day is sit or stand around and do nothing but the folks at walmart have multiple responsibilities and do not get to just kick back and wait for customers.


Furthermore, when you are notified that your site to store order has arrived, that communication also tells you to have your ID with you when you go to pick up the order. What good does it do for you to leave your ID in the car----if you had become violently ill while in the store and paramedics had been called and rushed you to the hospital, they wouldn't have had any way to contact your next of kin.