Manchester, Kentucky

I am complaining about the Corbin Kentucky WalMart. There are never more than 2 or 3 registers open, usually like this morning only 1 register in the whole store.

They may consider self check out ok but I think if a person is spending over $1oo. at a time in your store there should be some customer service involved.

It seems to get worse every time I go, if you approach an associate for help they run the other way as fast as they can. There is no chance of asking a question so if I can't find something I just don't get it.

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They do that BS at my local store too early mornings when people like to shop


Everyone who bashes the OP for making a valid compliant needs to suck a huge ***. I hate people who comment negatively on the Internet.


My least favorite people are the ones that complain about customer service and checkout lanes at Walmart. Excuse me but how do you this they keep their prices so low?

Not by staffing every single lane, that's for sure, and certainly not by keeping their staff non-disgruntled! If you want fast and friendly service, go to a store that isn't afraid to mark up their prices by a few cents so that they can budget their labor less expendably and treat them right.