I wanted to purchase the 2-step fold up stepladder advertised at 17.97 (sale ended Dec. 1) yesterday (dec.

l) However, the clerk showed me one that was left but when she checked for price it was 18.97 I told her of ad and she said to check with cashier. I did so and was told it was 18.97. I said "never mind I'll check somewhere else" so did not purchase it. At my "advanced age" I seem to be more interested in principles.

I really wanted that sized stepladder to have to help finish my painting of the living room. Soooooooo, here I am with no little stepladder. Really disappointed.

This is the first, and hopefully, the last time I have a problem with Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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so.. you really needed the ladder but you weren't willing to spend an extra dollar? wow.


The ad expired and the product went back to the regular price. You snooze you loose.


really? what kind of person complaint about a dollar, You probably spent a dollar posting this complaint


Really? You are complaning over a dollar and now you wished you had it.

Get real. You should have paid the extra dollar.

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