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Never in my life have I been so angry at a company for the things that Walmart has done to me and my family.First of all just today I had purchased a boost mobile ecard from and although I paid using a visa gift card I was told that my order was on hold because it was under investigation! WHAT!

It's a prepaid gift card that Walmart has already taken the money off the card for!

I have tried contacting them but they only have one phone number to call 1 800 Walmart and all they do is give me the run around. What's worse is when shopping at my local Walmart last month my family and I were stopped by 4 CSMs at the main entrance after checking out because although I had spent nearly $400 in the store that day I was suspected of shoplifting!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Were u able to work through the investigation .. what was it for? Sounds like u seem to be under investigation alot


WTF you sound like a drama queen. All this over a pre paid visa?? Wow


Unless you did something wrong, none of this should be a big deal. Those prepaid gift cards are fraud waiting to happen, so it's not at all uncommon for things to come up when using them.

I refrain from using them anymore for that very reason. As far as being stopped at the door, people steal from Walmart left and right.

At ours you get stopped no matter what to show your receipt. If you didn't steal anything, then it was a minor inconvenience to show a receipt and prove you paid for it.


Walmart is pathetic because the people their are enither awful and waste your time. They need to start getting better people because going their is the worst place to be.


You sound like such a bright individual - why don't you go apply?


If you are not doing anything wrong then why are you so offended? Do you not know how many scams are going on with those prepaid gift cards?


You should just stop going to Walmart, they do not care, and they will always be right. Junk items always junk.

Wrong is the new right. ..