3875 Mundy Mill Rd, Oakwood, GA 30566, USA
Not resolved

We were in oakwood walmart at 8:30 pm. Only 2 lines open.

And no managers anywhere. Bad for business

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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the WM in my area has went to 2 large self service checkouts--1 on each side of the front end...now theres only small # of full-service ones available--when there staffed.....my sympathy is with ppl who have full shopping carts...


Does that include self service registers? The Walmart closest to me rarely has more than one or two registers with a cashier open but will have all the self serve registers open. They the self serve registers, they are much quicker than going through a cashier.


Your complaint is Not with the store.Your complaint is with Walmart Corporate policies.So the best thing to do is to actually send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters explaining your complaint.Their Corporate Headquarters decides how many Walmart employees need to be staffed 1) in the morning, 2) in the afternoon, and 3) at night.The store level Is given this information From their Corporate Headquarters.