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I shop at Walmart once a week, spending well over $100.00 each time. I used to like shopping at Walmart because they have everything I need all in one place.

However, lately I find that there are so few check out lanes open that I have to wait forever in line. The cashiers at my particular Walmart border on being insane, but I would still rather use them than the self check outs.

Often times the self checkouts are more crowded than the regular check out lanes.

Please open up more check out lanes!

Btw, if Walmart gets rid of all cashiers, I'm going somewhere else to shop. I don't use smartphones and I shouldn't have to for anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Lack of cashiers.

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I never said I only go on Saturday, or that I go once a month. I said I go shopping in Walmart once a week, that means I could go in anytime Sunday through Saturday, a lot of it depends on when I get off work.

That also means I shop four times a month. I prefer to go after work so I don't have to go any where on my days off. I understand that evenings are a busier time for any kind of business because a lot of people do the same thing: stopping at the store to pick up stuff on the way home. Walmart should understand this and add more cashiers, especially in the evenings.

Not everyone likes the Self-Checkout or has Smartphones. Walmart doesn't seem to get that. No, it wouldn't kill me to wait in line, but I don't guess you've ever had a job in your life; otherwise you'd know how tired a person can get after being on their feet all day, like I am. I just want to fill my cart, pay and go home...

like everyone else having to stand in their ridiculous long lines. Not wanting to stand in a ridiculous line has nothing to do with compassion. What should I do? Let everybody in the whole store go ahead of me?

I'd never go home!

And my milk might go off. I guess, to someone like you, this all might not sound very compassionate, but I bet the parents standing in long lines with their impatient, crying children aren't feeling very compassionate either.


Walmart is a big box discount t store. To keep prices low they cut every expense they can and payroll is the biggest expense they can cut.

If you want better service go to a full service grocery store, just realize that you will have to pay for that service in the form of higher prices. The choice is yours, good service or lower prices.


So, you're mad because a store is busy on a Saturday at the beginning of the month? Have you ever been shopping before in your life?

Would it kill you to wait your turn just like everyone else? I mean, obviously you're not working today or you'd have more compassion for those who do, so what was your all important hurry?


Hey JellyDoll. I know that it is not your real name, but I like the way you show a picture of yourself and have a name that isnt so boring like "Anonymous", even though many of your comments are just as rude.

At least people don't get you confused with all of the many different people using "Anonymous" to place their comments. By the way, what in the world is a "JellyDoll" and why do you call yourself that?

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