Malden, Massachusetts
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Tv opening time was listed as 6 p.m. on thanksgiving day according to NECN news.

I arrived at approximately 5:30 to be sure of getting a good parking space .

The store didn't open and everyone left the lot.I've never shopped at Walmart in the past but I have heard good things.I won't be shopping there in the future as I received a bad vibe from the experience. thank you I hope this was useful seems as though your complaints have to be at least a hundred words I'm just trying to fill up the space this is also aggravating

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: comment only.

Walmart Cons: Opening time.

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....because its illegal to open on thanksgiving in Massachusetts. They oprn at 12 on black Friday.

You should have seen it on commercials, the news, flyers, like every person in line. People line up at that time to ensure they get products.


You're location says you're in Medford MA, the Blue Laws prohibit all retailers except for food stores to be open on Thanksgiving. Walmart legally can't be open, you would have to drive to New Hampshire.


Your* location says


And I also so that your post says Malden but the reply that might or might not be you say Medford, either way still Massachusetts.


There were plenty of stores open on Thanksgiving day ... including Walmart


Grow up


So, you expected the store to open at 5:30 just for you when its posted everywhere that the open at 6?

@This is nuts

I was there at 5:30 for a parking space dipwad. The store did NOT open at 6 or anytime soon thereafter.


Maybe you should be more angry at your parents for not getting you there earlier. Maybe they did it just to *** you off since you are such a spoiled little brat.


Childish immature insults. This proves you are ten years old.


What do you expect you went there at 5:30 they open at 6pm.