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ordered item online said gaurnteed deliver by 9/5 didn't show contact customer service they checked said your right you will get it when it gets there not there problem

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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By the way item left ga on 9/3 hurricane was down in Bahamas just getting to Florida if they can't get it to work stop giving delivery date all other companies can make the date


You leave out some details. Was shipping delayed on Walmart's end or is it a carrier problem.

You also neglect to say where you are or where the shipment was coming from.

If Walmart shipped it on time the blame should be with the carrier unless it is traveling along the southern east coast where there are delays due to the hurricane. Without this information your complaint is rather meaningless.


Well let's see they sent email on9/3 saying it would be delivered on 9/5 don't say if was Wal Mart or carrier but I don't think it matters witch one it is end result is today is 9/6 I don't have my item yet that's what matters to me


Was there a tracking number that came with the e-mail? Have you tried tracking the package to see where it is?


For anyone thinking my complaint is meaningless ahh Wal Mart can't give name like scared some one I'm a consumer my business is not meaningless so your the one meaningless too make a statement like that