I originally placed an order on Jan 21, 292219*-***212, using a Visa gift card and 2 Walmart gift cards. When my order didn't ship I reached out to customer service.

I was told to wait they were very busy and it should ship soon. When it still didn't ship by the arrival date I contacted them again and was told the order was on hold due to the address on the Visa card not matching. The city was different. I was told to either cancel the order and reorder or send an email to verifymyorder with the information.

I sent the email and heard nothing so I cancelled the order and ordered again using 2 Walmart gift cards. This new order still hasn't shipped and today I was told the order should have been released after 48 hours but hasn't. Be patient and wait they said. What could possibly need to be verified using Walmart gift cards?

I just don't understand?

This is the reference number he gave me 210129-****6-4501-****. Please email me back as soon as possible

User's recommendation: Don't rely on what a general customer service rep tells you. The issue was not with the gift cards it was a glitch in the order placing system. Once I heard back from a supervisor she cleared the system, had me reorder again and gave me an extra 10.00 for the trouble. My order is finally on it's way. The only other major problem was one item increased in price by almost 10.00.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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