Warminster, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

ordered 7 computers and seven monitors

all items never came 5 days after promised,with no excuse and then when I called to find out why, they cancelled it with no explanation

Would not let me talk to supervisor.

they were not only rude but did not care!

This was a complete waste of time. I could have gotten it from Amazon without hassles and will NEVER do online at Walmart again. Its a scam

I just called again and they told me it will take them another 5 days to either process the order to ship or cancel it WTF?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

  • lost orders
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The only dummy on here is the OP, the anonymous person was making that you work for walmart to another poster not you. Even a five year old would know this.

Then again the person who made that post must be five as well to ASSume that the person telling you off works for Walmart. Hey you just met someone your age and with the same level of your low intelligence OP, maybe instead of bashing them you can be friends.


I couldn't get permission because your mom had my *** in her mouth and was too busy choking. You are an *** They were rude the way the spoke with me on the phone. The only thing they could offer was to cancel the order.


That is about all that can happen. Bet you are not polite yourself.

Apparently you cannot read.

I meant did you get your mommys permission before buying those computers. Guess not because she was not there to correct your rude childish behavior.


u work for walmart?


Do you know proper English?

The way you phrased that question are you asking if I work for Walmart or are you assuming that I work for Walmart and you don't believe it?

And no I don't on either count!

Do you have a life?

Why have you nothing better to do than reply to this ***!

I cancelled the order today for all 7 computers when I ordered them all from Tiger direct for less money and they will have it to me in 2 days.


yes, getting a work *** right now skeet,skeet,skeet


Did you get mommy's permission before buying those computers? I ask because you are obviously a five year old child. Only a five year old would mistake being something they don't like as rude.


wtf, learn Spanish or german or Russian or sign language.