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I ordered three ipod touches 32g in different colors for my girls for Christmas. The box was obviously cut open and retaped.

Two of the ipod touches were missing! I contacted Fed ex then my husband contacted Fed ex and we were both told that there is a restriction on the package that says we have to deal with Walmart online exclusively! I have emailed Walmart and called Walmart to see what can be done. I was told to get a police report.

The police came today, but they can only give me a paper saying that they came and why. They cannot give an official report because nothing was stolen off of our porch! The only people to handle our package was the Walmart distributing employees and the Fed ex employees. We were home when Fed ex left it on our porch so we took it in immediately!

There is a thief at one of the facitlities that handled our package! No one wants to take responsibility! Walmart tells me to file a claim with Fed Ex and Fed Ex says that we cannot because of some restriction that Walmart put on our package saying that we have to go through Walmart only! We are now stuck paying $550 plus tax for ipods that we did NOT receive!

My husband, their dad just came back from deployment in November and he should NOT have to worry and be upset because his kids will not have a Christmas present. Thanks Walmart for ruining Christmas!

Back to making phone calls to try to get a resolution.

Walmart has now canceled the restriction on the Fedex package, but that still doesn't help us as Fedex now wants to speak with someone from Walmart! The ones that lose out are my daughters who will not have a Christmas present and us who will lose $550 plus tax!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Monetary Loss: $588.

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Yeah, this is old... but buy some clothes for them, maybe a board game... if you rely on an ipod to make a christmas, you're a bad parent.


Actually, it is two items for the price of one. The first item is the one that Ashish "claims" to have been stolen, and the second item is the replacement.

That's two items for the price of one (the original purchase). Easy to follow if you aren't a half-wit such as yourself.


I noticed that most of the people who reply here as well as the people making complaints are half wits.


Hi my name is Chastidy and I'm going through the same thing with Wal-Mart right now. Our packages were left at the front door and when we arrived home there was no packages here.

I contacted Wal-Mart and FedEx and filed a police report and now they want me to contact my back and dispute it. Wal-Mart is being no help at all.


Not really their fault if the neighbors stole your package. Think this issue is more FedEx than Walmart's thing to fix.


Joey to Anonymous 38 minutes ago #1097744

Actually, it is two items for the price of one. The first item is the one that Ashish "claims" to have been stolen, and the second item is the replacement.

That's two items for the price of one (the original purchase). Easy to follow if you aren't a half-wit such as yourself.

I think you are the half wit, if the item was stolen Ashish did NOT get the item, Then again mommy is not there to read the reply to you and explain all the big words. But before you call anyone half wit, get mommy to read the whole reply to you. Maybe the item was stolen as he claims and it was replaced, which means he only got one item, or maybe you are right and he lied about it all.

They said that Fed ex left the package on their door, and someone stole it.

I know Joey for you and some people it is hard to understand simple third grade English, but please don't hesitate to ask mommy or daddy for clarification. Not everyone knows you are a child, they just think you are a dumb adult.


Instead of arguing with each other read the whole thread, it turned out her son opened the package himself, and was afraid to tell the mother. he confessed later on.


I read that, she is abusive that is why he was afraid. How can you tell a child they ruined Christmas for the whole family.


The same thing happened to me.


That's horrible. *** thieving employees!!

You need to file a dispute with your credit card company.

They should be able to give you a refund.


You need to read the update, it turned out her child saw the package, wanted to see what mommy was getting her for Christmas and then wanted to play with it before Christmas, broke the screen(or something else) and hid the Ipad. You also need to read her other replies where she changes the gender of her child as well as the story.

I don't think she has children, looks like she was trying to get something free to sell on Ebay.

Also the story changed from her husband just coming home from deployment, to him dying from cancer. Then again the person who claims to have read this is known for lying, but then again he could be honest this time since the OP did change her story.


My experience with wallmart was positive. I ordered something precious from wallmart and fedex left the package at my door in 5 inch snow.

Somebody took the package or the delivery guy never left the package. When I found out that my package is missing, I contacted wallmart and they sent me replacement at no cost!! I got my replacement package today. I am really glad and I recommend wallmart.

My experience says that Wallmart is a very responsible merchant. Do not hesitate to buy anything from Wallmart, you will get your item, one way or another.

@Ashish Nayak

First of all you said Fedex left the package at your door. Then you said the driver didn't leave it at your door.

Then you said walmart replaced it without questions. I think I'll try your scam. Get two items for the price of one. If I do that a lot I can quit my day job.

You must be a walmart employee. No real customer would recommend walmart.


Only a three year old would ASSume if someone tells a customer they are wrong or if someone one has a positive experience at t company they work for the company. You obviously also do not know how to read.

Get mommy to help you with the big words(the ones more than two letters.) If you get mommy to help you sound out the big words you would see that he is not saying at all that the package was left at the door. He is saying it is possible that Fed Ex did not deliver he package. If he were an employee why would he to scam the company?

Your ASSumption of him being an employee is like me claiming you are lying about your post and only bashing the company because you were fired from Walmart or because you were caught shoplifting and your life is ruined because they pressed charges. Either way get a parent to read his post and perhaps they can explain what it means because you seem to have trouble reading words that have more than two letters.


They don't work for the company, they just had a good experience. It is like saying you were fired and that is why you are saying bad things about Walmart.

Also get a parent or other adult to read the Ashish's reply to you so you understand what you are reading better.

They did not get two items for the price of one, they just got the stolen item replaced.


Actually, it is two items for the price of one. The first item is the one that Ashish "claims" to have been stolen, and the second item is the replacement.

That's two items for the price of one (the original purchase). Easy to follow if you aren't a half-wit such as yourself.


while I agree that it's messed up that this happened what's more messed up is that they'd be upset over a *** made overpriced piece of Chinese junk, when they were lucky enough to have their father with them for the holiday's I know a number of people that have lost family during deployments and the holidays are just awful.

so again while this situation is awful in that items were taken, they should learn to not be so materialistic and be happy they have their father.

*** i'd give up everything I've gotten for b-day and Christmas presents in the last 6 years to have mine back.


The thing is this person only made up about the father being in deployment to make themselves look like victims who already suffered so much. In another site their father died from cancer.

Then she went and told them how her son opened up a package, broke the IPad and lied because he did not want to get into trouble. She chewed the poor child out for ruining christmas.


"Poor child"? You're *** kidding, right?


Once again you did not read her update, if you did(or if you got mommy to read it for you) you would see that her child opened the package to see which one she wanted. She damaged the package and hid it, and her mom found out, was embarrassed because she wrote to walmart about her item being lost, and told the child she ruined Christmas.

I suggest you get your own mommy to read all the comments before posting. You could do this yourself but sounding out the big words may be difficult for you.


Yeeeaaaahhhhh but how many children are going to think that way. Do you think my 7 year old daughter REALLY understands the implications of me being killed?

She understands not getting American Girl Dolls.