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I was telling my mom about walmart online shopping being available in Canada now. So I went online and ordered some things she needed delivered. We paid with her Walmart Mastercard. We waited. I looked up the tracking number and saw that it had been returned to sender as "address incomplete". I said how can it be address incomplete when the whole entire address was and is there? My mother lives in a building and I filled in the address at checkout with her exact billing (shipping address is same) address of her walmart credit card! She gets her statements fine! But when she orders some merchandise to have it delivered they don't put her address down properly? I even put the entry code on the address. So I call customer service (what a joke!) and the rep claims that: oh sometimes the address is too long (my mother's street name has 4 letters!!!) and that it gets cut off and probably the entry code got cut off. I said to her, the entry code is not as important anyway because when the delivery comes, the postman will leave a card in the lobby if there is no entry code on the package at all. So if it was cut off then it doesn't make a difference. (Meanwhile, the question is, why did they cut it off anyway). So she happily says: Oh no problem, I will refund the charges to your card. And I said and then? What about the stuff we ordered? My mom still wants it. She said oh well she can try to order again. What?!!! Why would we try to order again when they will do the exact same thing again?? What a waste of time.

The whole thing is, is that they are too *** to realize that for NO SALE in the end, they wasted money on shipping, instead of just calling the warehouse and telling them to make sure they don't cut off the address on the label. (Why do they even have to do that? Are all the people that work there moronic?) And not just wasted money on shipping but lost another potential customer. Why even bother opening an online shop if they aren't going to deliver what you order?

And these people want to get higher wages. SMH

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $27.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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If it's a waste of time to order it again then why did you even say "Then? What about the stuff we ordered?

My mom still wants it."? At least they gave you a refund. Trust me, you got lucky there.

You don't have to be ugly. Being nice is a choice and you were rude to the wrong person.


The reason this person is ugly and nasty is because they are a young child and mommy is not monitoring what she posts.


As always, I agree with you there, Kevin.


Company names like Walmart should begin with a capital letter. This is something taught in the second grade. Funny how you call them stup1d and moronic yet you do not have simple second grade grammar skills.


I hope you got mommy's permission before posting this. I know you are a child because of your childish name calling saying they are too "stup1d" For someone making that statement perhaps you should take a look at your spelling and grammar before calling someone stup!d.