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Don't ever try to order something online from to be picked up at a store location. Yesterday I opted to do this because I had a Wal Mart E-Gift Card, and after a previous bad experience with one of these gift cards at my local store, I decided it should be easy enough to just use it online for the purchase.

The website listed the item as being in stock at my local store. I completed the purchase, then received an email stating that my item would be available for pick up on the 12th (I ordered this on the 5th expecting to pick it up that day). I then start trying to contact customer service to find out what the problem is, and all I get are automated responses over and over. I went to the store and they have my item on the shelf.

The store personnel tell me that they can do nothing for me until I receive this precious e-mail from the website that will be used to pick up the item. So I make another attempt to contact customer service (today, 24 hours after the initial order) threatening to cancel. I get another automated response telling me that I can not cancel due to my order being processed and already having been shipped. And now my order shows that it will not be available for pick up until the 19th, a full two weeks after the date I expected to pick it up.

So not only can I not get the item I ordered, I also can not get a refund until after I go to pick up the item on the 19th and then return it. I live in a small town, and WalMart is the only option for a "grocery store" without driving 20 miles to the next town.

I will never spend another dollar inside of a Wal Mart again and will be driving 20 miles for any grocery item that I may need in the future. Wal Mart sucks!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Yes, I attest that this is par for the course... item listed in stock, I purchase for pickup 'today' and after paying it says it will be ready the next day.

Next day (today) I get a message that there is a delay and it will be ready by 6pm. It is now 10pm and I got no update...

looks like my car will be missing a headlight for a while. Real shisters


I have had very good luck using their website and getting stuff sent to my store for pickup. Even been getting 10% off coupons when I make the pickup!

However that has changed. Several things I've tried to order now say that my only option other than paying to ship to my home is to pick them up at another WM location that is 15 miles away! I could understand it I guess if it were an item that isn't in stock at my store but already in stock at the other location. But that doesn't appear to be the case since the other location is a Neighborhood Market and the pickup time they're giving me is about 10 days out!

I'm talking about chairs, vacuum cleaners, baby strollers, etc that a Neighborhood Market would definitely not have in stock! Not sure what gives here!


I ordered something in stock at the Wal Mart store expecting it to be available in minutes. Customer service says I have to wait and it takes a while.

I ask if I can just pick one off the shelf. They say no, it doesn't work that way. What?, Do they FedEx it in when it is in stock at the store. Took half a day to get the pick up email.

Everywhere else I do this if it is in stock they either have it available when I come in or go get it. Walmart's online buying experience really sucks.


When you ordered online you used SITE TO STORE, that means it goes from a warehouse to the store. It does not mean an employee walks to get your item them walks it back to check out.

If you were going to the store anyway, why wouldn't you just get the item instead of ordering online.

I don't understand the logic at all. As far as I know store employees don't have access to orders other than when they arrive from the warehouse to the store, I could be wrong though


This has nothing to do with "site to store" orders, and the reason for ordering online and picking up in store is to SAVE TIME. It's the same reason Target offers Buy Online Pick Up in Store: so the customer can buy and pay for the items without the hassle of having to walk all over the store to get various items.

Sometimes that's possible; other times it's not. I have had the same experience as a lot of these people: Today (9/9) I placed an order online for items listed in stock and available for Pickup Today. Then I get an email saying one item was canceled because it was not in stock (they had 5 in stock when I ordered the item), and another one was "delayed," now expected to be ready for pickup on 9/11 AFTER 6 pm. Wtf?!

Two out of the three items I ordered were thus nixed. This is the second time this has happened to me with Walmart Order Online Pick Up in Store.

I will not be using the service again. Total waste of time!


Here is your problem: "then received an email stating that my item would be available for pick up on the 12th (I ordered this on the 5th **expecting** to pick it up that day)". Don't expect anything, read before you purchase or at least think for a second.

Ordering on the 5th and expecting the item on the 5th is highly unlikely, since warp speed has not been perfected yet, delivery of online purchased item will take some time(7 days in your case). This one is your fault, but believe me Walmart has its major flaws and what not.

@Captain Underpants

No, it’s not his fault if it said pick up today.

@Captain Underpants

@Captain Underpants, when the site says "Pickup Today," the customer expects to PICK UP TODAY. Not five days from now, or a week, etc. Captain Dingbat, more like.