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Hi, My wife tells me that the women group that consist of around 4200 women told her that Walmart is labeling the Organic items correctly and that some content comes from China and may not be organic. I took one of the sweet peas can and she was correct there is no mention of any source of goods or product or anything like that.

Everyone wonders how the FDA let you put an USDA Organic label on the can when you do not mention the source of the product in the can. I can tell you that your reputation is going down the drain due to that. I am looking for a clear explanation from your side concerning this matter. An example is the Sweet Peas No Salt Added from Organic Great Value written on them USDA Organic!!!

I look forward for your urgent response.

The main question is what is the source of the Sweet Peas??? Nothing is mentioned on the Can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Organic Peas.

Reason of review: Major Trust issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I don't know, do all other organic products your wife purchases have a place of origin printed on it? Or does it just have a USDA Organic stamp on it? Perhaps any company just needs to pass the USDA inspection just as hot dogs or any other packaged food has USDA stamps on it and not the place of origin.