Springdale, Arkansas
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This isn't the first time this has happened. People getting up right behind you at the self-checkout lane and watching you while you are ringing up your stuff.

That is an invasion of privacy. There should be a line to where the customers have to stand behind so they are not right up on top of you while you are paying for your stuff. These two girls (well they were in their late teens or twenties) did just that when I was in Walmart a while ago.

Made me so nervous and I couldn't pay attention to what I was doing. Please do this Walmart.

Preferred solution: Line for customers behind the person paying to stand behind at self-checkout..

  • Nosey Customers
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Lemme guess, you're one of those people that checks over your shoulder and builds an igloo around the card machine before you put in your PIN?


Someone in their 20's is an adult and considered lady instead of girl. You should be referred to as girl since you act like one. An adult would tell the people behind them to shove it, or ask them to give space.


Maybe they are an adult on paper, but not in reality. They may have been in their late teens as well. IDK



You do realize that there is no guarantee that the customers will actually stand in line while waiting to use the self check-out instead of literally watching you scan your groceries... correct?

And why can't you tell the customers to not do that when this happens?


I guess they don't want to make trouble. Privacy needs to be respected more at the self-checkouts.

They shouldn't be able to get right behind you and watch as you pay for your things. There is all sorts of dangers with the possibility of identity thieves getting your info as well.


You know you can ask them to back up a few steps, correct? Pretty much all you can do here and it's pretty simple.


Even telling them to shove it would work.