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my husband and I went to Walmart on Dec 21st to buy a rifle for our 14yr old son for Christmas. I the female filled out the paperwork because I bought my son's last gun there and my husband doesn't know how to use a computer.We are a big hunting family we have purchased all hunting license and hunting equipment from Walmart all these yrs.

We are 50yrs old. I passed all requirements to buy the gun and they were boxing it up for the manager to walk us to the car. When the Assistant manager came back she asked me why I like guns? I said this is a gift for my son and laughed because I thought it was a *** question.

The woman looked me up and down and then said I'm sorry I don't feel comfortable about selling you this gun. I was shocked and asked why but no answer, I completely lost my temper in the store because I felt some *** manager had no right to judge me. I am not trash I am told a very classy lady. I told them I would just send a friend to get the gun for my son.

When he purchased the gun he was told they wouldn't sell it to us because my husband looked shady. My husband hunts everything and makes trips to Co and Mn to hunt. I plan to sue for defamation of character and for my 2nd amendment rights!

I will never walk in your store again and will tell others. My husband has been hunting since he was 10

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Man up and kill your animals with a knife. At least they have a chance.

Gun nuts. :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset


Companies have the right to refuse gun sales and they are not required to give you any explination. And sending your friend in to buy the gun is called a straw sale and can get all parties involved in it in a lot of *** especially if he answers the question on the form that he is buying for himself then you turn around stating it was for your son in fact.

Do yourself and your friend a favor and dont go tell that story to the court...

wow... :x


You have no case. You just admitted to making a straw purchase. Well done on the manager's decision.

John N

First of all, I would not recommend you buy a firearm from WalMart. Actually, I wouldn't recommend people buy anything from them, but that's another story in itself.

I suspect we are missing something here and would like to hear WalMart's side of it. Very strange, indeed.

Actually, your second amendment rights do not extend to having a "right" to purchase a gun from anyone---you have the right to "keep and bear arms" not a right to require someone to sell or give them to you. Perhaps you could refer to your copy of the US constitution for clarification.