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My wife and I (we are both in our 60's) purchased a treadmill from last month. Now we knew that it was not going to be put together, however we did believe that since we paid $50 extra for shipping that they would at least bring it to the door.

No where on the site did it state that this was curbside service only. The treadmill arrived a couple weeks after ordering it and guess what....they unloaded it on the road...end of story. Now here we are looking at this 225+lb box that we have to try and get into the house by ourselves while it is snowing like crazy. It took us quite awhile to be able to push and shove this box to get it to the door (my wife hurting her arm and leg and me pulling something in my back).

Needless to say I contacted to complain about his heavy box being basically dumped in the road and how we had to struggle to try and get this box inside our home. At first they kept passing me on to "someone higher up" until the last person said that she was passing it up to someone yet higher and they would contact me. WELL you know phone call. Several days later I contacted them again, guess how they decided to handle it.....they refunded me a WHOLE $15.00 on our over $750 purchase.

Ok now we have learned a very valuable lesson.....NEVER buy anything large from Walmart because it will be dumped where ever the delivery company chooses and Walmart does not care. Oh and now I am going to physical therapy for my back....this treadmill experience has me out of pocket a whole lot of money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The Oh Please comments were to the person shaming the 60 year old folks that had the same experience many of us do with Wal-mart .


Oh please! These businesses are so crummy, services are crummy, quality is not what you get and is only quantity.

Businesses need to be held to strict policies, to serve a customer is to serve a customer with Fair prices, Fair Trading, Secure Information and Personal Financial information, products they stand by and not stick a customer with because they are cheap, not worth the sale, discontinued, defective and/or returned by a customer because they are defective, and taped up and resold to the next consumerSucker. Maybe you don't shop there but anywhere I shop it is always the same thing. Even grocery stores selling bad anfd rotten food, ripping customers off or buy 10 to get a sale price after you get there. An older folks!

Hah! Singular food items or any elderly product is triple priced compared to huge family packs at Great savings. Eldeerly folks are despised and treated as such. Delivery services don't care and are in a hurry to get their highest pay, Merchants order deliver at door just leave item, and mine has been early left in pouring rain and ruined, they've been stolen and almost Always they are sent back because they are damaged or defective merchandise, sold Anyway, They do not care!

Sending products Not anything as what I Thought they were,by the description, brand-names(gone-bad(or fake)). Even viewing photo's is Usually Not what I get. it doesn't matter because They Don't Care, they made the purchase and 9 of 10 times nobody goes thru the hassle and embarrassment to return Crap To A *** Dishonest un-ethical merchant. They have no integrity, their advertising, privacy practices, blah, is why we are here, because they mean nothing.

it's all Hype. They only do massive trading and profit margins probably the Highest in History. Merchants Need To Be Held To a Degree of Fair even Trade and policy, ethic's and customer should always get what they are told they are getting,new items, undamaged, and at a quality that isn't so bad it goes from shipping to your trash can. So glad people like you open their mouths in places like this because you are Worse than they are, enabling rip off's unfair trade, and shaming folks for being a paying customer that merchants and their delivery services don't have to Deliver your products safely and undamaged, they're paid for by somebody else.

BTW, So why are you even here? That's what this site is about isn't it? This is a scam comment too I think.

My guess is that You are a bot and are here to defy the customers and defend the corrupt merchandising greedy scammers out there that So Many Businesses today are. Or you are on the offense as one in the same kind of Business Owner.


Walmart owes you nothing. Walmart is not responsible for your injuries.

Your complaint is that you assumed it was delivered right to your door. I’m pretty sure that the reason it was dropped off there is no one asked them to do it right to the door. Perhaps you should accept the fact that reality’s not always what you assume it is. At 60+ years old you should be well aware of this fact.

Since you know this your complaint comes out sounding very selfish. You wanted more out of the delivery person then they may have been allowed to do. I have found that a little niceness and a five or ten dollar tip goes a really long way. Of course people like you are going to whine that you already paid a delivery fee and expected service far beyond what you paid for.

The delivery company did EXACTLY what they were contracted to do. Delivery your package to your address. Not deliver it and huck it to your front door. That requires the driver to potentially put themselves in danger of injury.

Thereby causing a potentially devastating injury and workman’s comp case. So normally they are not allowed to even step foot on your property. Most people who deliver items are more then willing to go that extra mile WHEN YOU TIP THEM!!! But cheap is cheap and cheap gets you what you pay for.

Which is cheap. Think about how much time you now have to waste going to PT. Then weigh it against the $10 tip. Kinda gives you perspective.

But since hindsight is definitely 20/20 you get the drift. I’m not going to bother trying to explain how the delivery company has to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. Driver steps on a sprinkler and breaks an ankle on your property. Or you’re secretly a serial killer.

Or worse a serial litigant who looks for any reason to sue someone for free money. All very plausible reasons why a delivery company won’t deliver to your front door. Just saying you’re so busy whining that you don’t think they did their job that you forget they have to protect themselves. Good luck with your PT.

Maybe next time PAY someone to help you move that big item into your house. Neighborhood kids are always looking for something to do to earn a little extra money.



Walmart Does Not have a delivery service.

Your complaint is with the delivery service that Walmart does business with.

So Exactly Why did you contact Walmart when you should have contacted the delivery service that Walmart uses?

And Exactly Why are you complaining about Walmart when it is the delivery service that Walmart uses which delivered the treadmill to the road?

Contact the delivery service that Walmart uses. That information Is on the box.


Your right Walmart does not have a delivery service, however they should be somewhat responsible for how their products are delivered to their consumers since they are collecting an additional shipping fee. I believe that Walmart should put on their site that this evidently is a curb side delivery so that people are aware of this fact....NO WHERE on their site does it state that.

I would have made prior arrangements if I had known or I could have ordered somewhere else that would have brought it into my home.

We did alot of research on buying and having a treadmill delivered....almost all places that had curb side delivery stated so in their description. So I do believe my complain is with Walmart.


There Is the option of picking up your treadmill at Walmart after ordering it online which is mentioned on their website.


So Exactly What do you Want Walmart to do about that?

Since you are this unhappy, send a letter to their Corporate headquarters.

That information is found on their website.



Walmart Does Not have a delivery service.

Your complaint is with the delivery service that Walmart does business with.

So Exactly Why did you contact Walmart when you should have contacted the delivery service that Walmart uses?

And Exactly Why are you complaining about Walmart when it is the delivery service that Walmart uses which delivered to the road?

Contact the delivery service that Walmart uses.