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I am the mother of a 5 month old baby girl. I recieve WIC to help pay for the ridiculously high cost of the formula (I had to buy 2 cans to get through and it was 30 bucks) I wish I was filthy rich to the point where I could afford to buy it, but as I said, the cost is absolutely ridiculous.

For the second time, I go to get formula because we our out, and there are NO cans of the Infamil Lipil with Iron, which is the only formula I am allowed to get. I ran around the store for about an hour trying to find someone to help me. Finally someone went into the back and said that there were 300 cans sitting on a truck, but none of the unloaders were there yet. I go to speak to a manager and a very helpful, and nice cashier called to the back to tell one of the managers I wanted to speak with him. I stood there for over 25 minutes waiting on him. This cashier kept calling to the back every five minutes, trying everything she could do to get someone to come up front.

All the while, my baby girl is whimpering and eating her blanket because she was hungry, and I had no formula on me to feed her because I had used the last of it before I left the house. He FINALLY showed up, and I told him what was going on, and that one of the few helpful employees went into the back to check, and said they were sitting on the truck. This man straight up LIED to me and said the truck wasn't there yet. I know for a fact that he lied because two more employees went to the back to check, and verifed it was back there on a truck. He brushed me off and told me to take a can free of charge to get me through, and was basically unapologetic. I went back this morning to get the rest of my formula and the shelf is STILL empty.

I usually write off their incompentencies and brush them off, but when it comes to my daughter and her food, they are messing with the WRONG person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States #552235

Ok first let me preface what Im going to say by saying that I also receive WIC, its very helpful and Im grateful. But I have a problem with your complaint.

First of all the world does not owe you money for your baby's formula. You act as if it is owed to you, instead of being grateful for the help in buying the formula. Secondly I can understand your frustration with Walmart keeping their shelves stocked, i too get frustrated when the same items are never on the shelves. But why in the world couldnt you go to a different store to purchase the formula.

Since you were using WIC cost shouldnt have been a factor.

Also why would you wait until you fed your baby the last bit of formula before purchasing more?


I always have this problem with walmart brands not being stocked. I called and complained and they basically said well sorry we can't do anything about it.

Corry, Pennsylvania, United States #15434

Even if it is on the truck witk 2500+

cases of freight does this person expect someone to be able to pick it off the truck like it is on a shelf or something????

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #11233

Maybe the truck just arrived.

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