Columbus, Mississippi
Not resolved

I shop the Columbus, Ms. Walmart store EVERY week for all my needs.

I need to purchase Purina Kit and Kaboodle cat food 30lb. bags. Every week that I go sopping now for the past 6-8 weeks they are always out of this. I am told "we don't carry that" the "warehouse is out", "there is a truck every night" I am so tired of getting the run around from employees who just don't care.

The ONLY person that has helped me in the past in a man named Leonard, but today I was unable to speak to him. Please, can we get this problem resolved forever. I am disabled, and I don't live around the corner from Walmart. It is painful for me to shop anywhere, but Walmart does offer the most at the best prices and I simply would like to be able to get everything I need in one trip.


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No one is forcing you to go there.


go online and shop. or get some one to do shopping for you.

pet food comes and go.

either the kind isnt selling, or sells too well and production cant keep up. also some pet foods have gone away because of what was put in them or bad food.