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My Family and Friends have been coming to this Walmart for years, "we have never" had the experience like we had on 10/01/2019. You have a manager that was working in the front, he is (worth his weight in gold).

I often shop here 3 to four times weekly as well as my friends, we were in a hury and needed to get out fast. The manager said good morning to us as we entered your store and asked us how we are doing. We were in a rush and had very little time to shop. We shared this with the manager, he gave some direction to his staff, he stopped what he was doing to help us find what we were looking for so we could get to our destination on time.

We understand that in his role as a manager he could have deligated someone to help us, but he took the time to make our experience one we will not forget. Normally it would have taken us 30 to 40 minutes to shop or more. When we were finished shoping he ensured that we checked out within minutes after shopping. I hope that our comments reaches someone who cares enough to share our experience with this manager.

In my life experience, most people will share the negative and not the positive. His badge said Customer Service Manager.

Thank You, for your time.

Amanda Rohr, Family and Friends

Walmart Pros: I like the friendlyness of the workers there.

Walmart Cons: Not enough handicap scooters to shop.

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