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While I was eating my product I noticed an altered taste after the first ***.I decided to check the expiration date and realize that it was expired for 3 month.

This is unacceptable and pretty unsafe from an hygiene standpoint. The worth part is that it is not the first time that I have seen this expiration issue with product at Walmart. Their stock rotation is uncontrolled and dangerous for a consumer safety. too much is too much.

You can find some yogurts for kids with 3 weeks over the expiration date.They do that with some products why not with the entire store.Where is the trust and the safety for the consumer?

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I was freaked out when WM started selling Groceries!I had not thought of WM as a place to go for food!

Typical canned or packaged products is not an issue. I've found there fresh vegetables and produce to be lacking in quality. Some are in bins on the floor below knee level! Really!

I'm not going to bend over or kneel on the floor. I go elsewhere for fresh produce.

I look at expiration dates on all produce in any store. But 3 month past expiration Cheese!

Yuch!I think they owe you an explanation.

Orange, California, United States #973729

Okay when did you get fired?


Top line item on receipt is a carton of cigarettes. I probably wouldn't worry about some outdated dairy products. Just saying...

to Anonymous #1374235

Lol. Right you are

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #935092

What does "after the first ****" mean?

Austin, Texas, United States #879066

PissedReplier, I hate to burst your bubble but Walmart employees are not all "blue collar ghetto trash".Who are you to make such a statement?

Do you not realize how many educated, good decent people are stuck in low paying jobs due to our government being sold to the highest bidder?You should take a long, good look at yourself before putting others down.


Looks like Wal Mart was at fault; however, so was the OP.

Always check dates before buying anything - mistakes happen EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME.

Common sense is so rare it might be a superpower!

Lutz, Florida, United States #814124

If you expect Wal Mart employees to check for dates prepared to be surprised...EVERY grocery chain has problems with dates, they are expected to throw so much product rotation gets kicked to the curb. Some stores within those chains have more problems then others. I would trust Wal-mart dates over any other chain because they sell more product compared to any other chain so rotating can be much easier at a higher volume store.

Fresno, California, United States #732910

The anon " Matt" was me dont judge me

Fresno, California, United States #732906

I would highly agree with ladyscot but there is a problem with the way cheese is aged and stored, you might have known this as it might have not been aged correctly(stored at wrong temp for example) so I guess that wh you might have thought for it to be expired, but it does say best before, not use by, so I'm not sure who is right.

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