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i went to the walmart in aberdeen to get me some storage containers an as i went threw the line to buy them the 20 gallon container rang up as 8.97 when the tag said 4$ so she sent a co-worker back to the containers an she came back an said its 8.97 so i told her to keep it an paid for my other stuf and went to the containers and got that same tag that i seen that said 20 gallon latch same as container for 4$ an even thow they seen it they said the manager said since it rang up at 8.97 then thats what they have to sell it for.. thats not right because thats faulse advertisement..

i wasted 30 minutes of my time an had other things to do this happens almost every time i go..

the last time it was on the hampter ball i bought once again tag said 5.28 it rang up at 6.28.. please fix these problems or i will not be returning back...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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think thats bad went to walmart and used my debit card day before thanksgiving spent 39 dollars they charged my card repetedly for the nite lost my pay check and then some over 1000 dollars neg because of that crapy store


We all know they are over charging so we all need to take astanf and call them on it every time and who gives a *** if I misspelled a word or 2 you know what were talking about


Get over it and read between the lines


This overcharging happenned to me many times. Mostly, I found out after I got home and to drive back to the store to complain would cost me more for the gas to drive back.

So I let them go. I hope Walmart does not have this kind of policy to make more profit.


That was one *** of a runon sentence. It took me three tries to figure out what you were complaining about. You're probably a dingbat who couldn't read the tag.


Okay your situation may be different, but if this person cannot even spell at a second grade level maybe they misunderstood the sign because their reading skills is the same as their spelling skills.


If one examines the situation apart from the poor spelling/punctuation choices in the original post, one can distill the situation to its essence: 1. A price per product is indicated on signage or on the tag.

2. Said price point is not the price point charged to the customer at the register. I, too, have been victim of this practice at Walmart. I picked up a bag of grapes.

Signage on the grape-display area indicated that they were $1.99 per lb. However, the grapes rang up as $2.32 per lb. Normally (sad to say) I might not have noticed this discrepancy. However, I was paying attention today.

I questioned the cashier, stating, "The signs back there say that they are $1.99 per pound." She shrugged and said, "This is what they're ringing up as." Because I was in a hurry, I didn't make a stink or get a manager. I just said, "I'm not buying them, then." The cashier was Zen-like in her cool composure vis-a-vis my declaration. Or maybe she just didn't actually care at all, given that she has to work at Walmart, poor thing.

Now, I try as much as possible to avoid Walmart, so I don't know if this is a typical practice. Since it's my vacation week, I thought I'd Google "Walmart overcharging" to get confirmation that I'm not alone.


You also don't know how to use the shift key.


Since you cannot spell simple words that a first grader can, I am going to guess that you misread the price.


So if it would've rang up for $2, would you still whine and demand you pay what the tag said? I thought not.