1725 New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609, USA
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I sent to Walmart store at 1725 New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh North Carolina on Sunday October 22, 2017 around 10am. Green Grapes had a tag on the refrigerator box, the produce section with a price of $1.98 per pound.

At the register the first time I sent there it range up at $2.95 per pound. I found the assistant manager Demar there and showed him. He finally got the product assistant manager BJ to check it out. On his hand held scanner thing it rang as $1.98 (I assume they never showed me) but at the register this time it was $5.82 per pound.

I showed them and he tried to correct it but couldn't. There were other people there buying grapes and I said - be careful, these at $1.98 rang up at $2.95 per pound. Demar - the assistant manager said I shouldn't chase away his customers. I told him he shouldn't be stealing from them.

He said I can't chase away his customers. I said - how about I call the police for you stealing from people. He said it was correct so I grabbed my grapes to ring it up again and it was not.

I called over BJ the assistant produce manager and showed him the register screen showing $5.82 per pound for green grapes. Then I left.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Take pricing issues more seriously; managers need customer service training .

Walmart Cons: Pricing and customer service, Being lied to or the condescending attitude of the manager.

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Lidl and Aldi is giving the Walmart's in this area some stiff competition. You'll find better prices on just about everything food at Lidl with better customer service than you find at a Walmart. Just remember these new stores don't have EVERYTHING that Walmart has, but you'll leave more satisfied and able to deal with the hucksters at Walmart a bit better.


Walmart has had an ever-increasing problem with prices. Either there is no price to be found for items as the employees fail to label the shelves or an incorrect price will scan at the register.

If you really must shop at a Walmart, you need to verify each and every item scanned at the register. They like to scan your items fast and their screens are slow in showing the items scanned so you have to tell the cashier to slow way down in scanning. All in all, Walmart is really not a store to be trusted when it comes to prices.

It's called scamming a customer. Shop elsewhere if possible.