Watertown, South Dakota

Friend and I were overcharged on two items on Feb11.14. Total amount $11.This meant a trip back to store and to stand in a long line to wait for refund.

Check your slips before you leave the store.WhY do you need a hundred words? Just enter the the correct sale price in your computer. Stop cheating people..How much more do need me to say. This happens way to often.

Someone is not doing their job.how many more words do you need?

THIS is just to discourage people from complaining. is this enough is this enough is this enough is this enough?

Monetary Loss: $11.

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walmart has paid trolls on this site!! they get off playing with annoyed CUSTOMERS and yes everyone should always watch the screen when the cashier is ringing up the sale!! It is often wrong and WHO WINS when it is WRONG billionaires!!


Lmao at the fact that you're complaining about Walmart on this site and blaming them for 100 words. It's confused people like you that create these situations.

Just another sheep consumer looking for someone to blame.

Don't know who to direct the blame at, but everyone must know because you're mad. So sad.


The whole 100 words, you mean for this complaint you just wrote? That's PissedConsumer.com requirement, not Wal-Mart.

And if you already knew that, then please disregard.

I would imagine a site meant for taking complaints would not intend to prevent people from making complaints. The limit is most likely there to prevent people from spamming or whatever.


This 100 word thing is just a load of ***. Next time just copy and paste until you have 100 words or better yet put something like a a a a a a a a a aq a a until you reach 100 words. OR mindless chatter.


I imagine you think humans shouldn't make mistakes. I'm sure it isn't done on purpose. If you don't like it go to another store, just make sure they never make any mistakes and overcharge you.